Alumni Column: The Arts Are Alive


The Broad Street Gallery promotes the artistic side of Hamilton in a variety of ways and gives residents a unique artistic outlet.

Walking through town during Homecoming Weekend, I was drawn to a painting in the window of the Broad Street Gallery, a small storefront near La Iguana and Hamilton Whole Foods. Upon entering the charming space, I took in the other paintings, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry and photographs on display and immediately started a conversation with the director, Kathy Herold, and her student intern, Hannah Shaheen O’Malley. Their enthusiasm for their mission was palpable, as they explained that the gallery space is also home to the Hamilton Center for the Arts (HCA).  These two entities are dedicated to providing to the community “enrichment through classes, programs, performances and exhibits.”  

In addition, their website expresses the belief that “through the expression of diverse thoughts, ideas and beliefs, we may grow to better understand ourselves and each other.”  As a lover of art in all forms, I wanted to know more about this unlikely hub of activity in the village.  I learned that the gallery opened in 2011 and is a fine arts co-op run by artist members, with the support of Colgate student interns.  HCA provides many art classes to adults and children from the Hamilton area.  Students from nearby Hamilton Central School are bussed to HCA after school for art classes in a wide variety of mediums.  A portion of the fees for some adult classes go towards scholarships for these children’s art classes.

The current exhibit at the gallery is a show featuring a sculpture by Carol Adamec and the paintings of Karen Burns, which runs through November 19.

We are so fortunate to have this bustling center of the arts in Hamilton. Please go in and appreciate the fine artwork from talented artists, tell your parents to go to their website,, if they are in the market for affordable, exciting art and stop in yourself to discuss their upcoming exhibits and classes.