Best Nest: Esteban Dardani and Charlie Rodiger


Sophomores Esteban Dardani and Charlie Rodiger show their personalities through the unique wall art in their room.

Year: 2019

Hometowns: Esteban – Stratham, New Hampshire; Charlie – Wilton, Connecticut

Majors: Esteban – Anthropology; Charlie – Computer Science

Room: Drake Hall, Room 206

How does your room reflect your personal style?

We’re pretty relaxed, so we like having a lot of places to sit or lay down. Having the couch is super helpful to be able to do those things. Plus, friends can come over and hang out.

Tell me about one particularly important item in your room.

We built the little table that the TV sits on ourselves by sawing a dresser from Big Lots in half. It’s kind of wobbly. As Charlie says, “it’s not the best of tables, but it has character.”

What were your inspirations for decorating your room?

As long as there are things on the walls, we’re good. Some posters are very old and others are ones we have bought this year, but at the end of the day it’s all about having things on the walls to make the room feel comfortable.

Why do you like your room?

You can spend all day in here and never come out because it’s so comfortable. We probably spend most of our time in here just sitting around, listening to music or doing homework.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in at Colgate?

We both do Club Soccer. Esteban is in the Colgate 13 and Outdoor Ed. Charlie is a part of Southern Madison County Volunteer Ambulance Corps (SOMAC).