Minster’s Love/Hate: Analyzing the Studs and Duds of Fantasy Football

As we near the midway point in the fantasy football season, we’re taking a look at which players stepped up and who has taken a step back.

Jay Ajayi

After surpassing 200 yards rushing for the second week in a row, Jay Ajayi joins OJ Simpson, Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams as the only players in NFL history to accomplish this feat. Ajayi has given new life to the Miami offense, which has struggled in recent years. Just a few years ago, the Dolphins were using a running corps consisting of Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas. This offseason, they signed former Pro-Bowler Arian Foster, who just announced his retirement. Now Ajayi has the backfield to himself and is poised to keep putting up these ridiculous numbers. His ability to break tackles and find holes makes him a nightmare for

any defense.

Julio Jones

Twelve catches. Three hundred yards. That is Julio Jones’ stat line against the reigning NFC Champion Carolina Panthers. Averaging nearly 120 yards per game, Jones is having a career year thanks to the resurgence of Matt Ryan. After barely missing the playoffs last year with an 8-8 record, the Falcons are looking to take back control of the NFC South since last year’s division champs, the Panthers, have imploded with a 1-5 record. At 6’3, he skies over safeties for every ball Matt Ryan throws, and wins the 50/50 balls. Look for Jones to lead the Falcons to a playoff berth.

Todd Gurley

Last season, Todd Gurley burst onto the scene in an impressive fashion, scoring ten touchdowns in 12 starts and rushing for over 1,000 yards. Many experts predicted an even better season from Gurley this year, but

unfortunately Gurley has fallen victim to the

dreaded sophomore slump. He is currently outside of the top 20 in fantasy points for running backs, behind rookies like Chicago’s Jordan Howard and Dallas’ Ezekiel Elliott. The Rams, as well as fantasy owners, are relying on Gurley to be the running back of the future who can propel the team to the playoffs. However, Gurley’s struggles this season prove that he has a long way to go to achieve and maintain the status of an elite running back. The Rams are facing some tough defenses the rest of this season, including the Patriots, Seahawks and Cardinals, so it is not looking like Gurley will have much luck the rest of this year. Hopefully for the sake of the Rams,

Gurley can return to his rookie form

next season.

Brock Osweiler

Texans fans thought that Brock Osweiler would be the final piece to the championship puzzle. Osweiler has the characteristics of a good quarterback: he has a big arm, he’s accurate and he’d been learning from Peyton Manning during his days in Denver. Although Osweiler has led the Texans to a 5-3 record, his play hasn’t translated to good fantasy numbers. Having a top wide receiver in Deandre Hopkins and a backfield threat in Lamar Miller, Osweiler is in the perfect position to flourish as an NFL quarterback. However, he has failed to connect with Hopkins and Miller has been used more in the running game than passing game. Osweiler has failed to bloom in Houston as shown by his poor fantasy numbers.