Special Election Edition: Keeping an Eye on Numbers

Overall, the Trump plan for immigration stresses national border sovereignty as well as the prioritization of American citizens over foreign nationals. Additionally, Trump emphasizes the importance of enforcing current laws while establishing some new laws to make the jobs of American officials easier. 

The plan goes as follows: Building a border wall along the southern border. The wall will use the best technology both above and below ground, with aerial surveillance and manpower to secure the border from criminal cartels. Mexico will pay for this wall. 

End the process of Catch-and-Release. Those illegal aliens who cross the border will be detained until they are removed from the country.  

Implement a zero tolerance policy for criminal aliens. Criminal illegal aliens will be removed from the country as well as local jails through joint operations with state and local law enforcement agencies. There will also be an addition of 5,000 Border Patrol agents, most of which will be actively patrolling the border. Additionally, any criminal aliens convicted of reentry will face strong mandatory minimum sentences. 

Block the funding of sanctuary cities. Cities that do not comply with the new federal guidelines will not receive taxpayer dollars. 

Fully enforce current immigration laws and cancel Obama administration executive orders: The two executive amnesties issued by the Obama administration will be canceled, and all current immigration laws will be strictly enforced.

Suspend visas issuances at any place where proper screening cannot occur. Immigration from regions in which proper vetting processes cannot reliably occur will be suspended. There will also be an ideological certification to ensure that immigrants share American values and love the American people. 

Ensure that countries retain citizens when they are deported. Enforce the laws that command the cessation of visa issuances to countries that do not accept deported foreign nationals.

Establish a biometric entry-exit visa tracking system. A physical tracking system will assist law enforcement. 

Turn off the jobs and benefits magnet: Strengthen the E-verify system for employment and remove aliens illegally receiving welfare. 

Reform legal immigration to serve the best interests of America and her workers. Keep immigration levels within historic norms while choosing immigrants based on both merit and skill. The administration will also ensure that American workers are offered jobs first.