Being Right: Trumping the Misconceptions

Deciding which candidate to support in the upcoming election can be a difficult decision as candidates continuously reform their viewpoints and platforms. While both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump support affordable college tuition, increased funding for child care and equal pay for women, they have widely differing views on the most fundamental issues facing the United States of America: the economy, taxes, immigration and gun control. This article is an outline of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy platform and why I think it is superior to that of Hillary Clinton’s. 

First, Donald Trump supports substantially cutting government spending and balancing the budget. He does not, however, believe that social benefits such as Social Security and Medicare should be reduced or eliminated. To support these two services, Trump argues that we need to grow the economy at a faster rate. Cutting taxes and consolidating the seven progressive tax brackets that we currently have into four or five brackets would help to stimulate spending in the economy. Top earners, i.e., anyone making over $475,000 per year, would end up paying an income tax rate of 35 percent. A married couple that earns a joint income of less than $50,000 per year would pay no income tax. He also supports a one-time tax of 14 percent on the 1 percent to help pay down the national debt. A balanced budget is one of the strongest points that Trump has argued for.  

Immigration is by far the most controversial part of Trump’s platform, as he supports the deportation of all undocumented individuals and a temporary ban on Muslim immigration. He would end funding to sanctuary cities, which legally provide protection to undocumented residents. He argues that this perspective comes from a need to increase national security measures and implement a better system of documenting those entering the United States, especially those coming from areas that are known to actively support terrorism. As a response to the terrorist attacks in Europe, particularly those in France, Trump argues that the issuance of green cards should be halted until further safety measures can be implemented. 

Lastly, Donald Trump supports a longer waiting period and more extensive background checks for those trying to obtain guns. Federal regulators need to closely monitor gun sales and ensure that proper procedures for purchase are followed. He also believes that all assault and semiautomatic weapons should be banned. Despite this, he is a strong supporter of the second amendment and believes in the importance of self-defense. He does support the right to own hunting guns and rifles. 

While you may not agree with Donald Trump’s entire platform, it is clear that he represents a stark contrast to the current state and the last eight years of the Obama presidency. Conversely, Hillary Clinton’s platform simply represents a continuation of the status quo: levying higher taxes on top earners, implementing a more progressive tax structure which will further suppress the middle class, decreasing the strength of our military and increasing benefits and the welfare state. As a career politician, her platform panders to the businesses that have bought influence and lined her pockets over the years. Quite simply, Clinton’s platform is one that is controlled by the many favors and repayments that she owes to many of her top campaign donors.