“Handling the Hard”: Schremp Opens Soccer Season with Optimism

In their 2022 season opener, Colgate women’s soccer team suffered a loss against Providence College on August 18 in Providence, RI. The away game ended with a score of 1-0, leveling the team’s record against Providence. Since 2014, the Raiders are 2-2 against the Friars.

Forward Ana Schremp, a first-year from Palo Alto, Calif., said there is a lot that the team can take away from the game.

“It was a close game. I think we started the game a little timid and didn’t play to our level at first, but over time we got into our groove and were able to play our game,” Schremp said.

Schremp added that she thinks the team can work on starting strong and “no matter the opponent, bringing [our] best foot forward from the start.”

“We need to focus on playing our game and getting through the hard together,” Schremp said.

Schremp firmly believes that “handling the hard better” is the key to success.

“Handling the hard refers to anything – physical, mental, tactical,” she explained. “[Handling the hard] is any time we are uncomfortable. We want to be able to learn to adjust and work through the uncomfortable.”

Schremp has a positive outlook for the season, stating that she feels the team is in a “great spot to start the season,” despite the recent loss.

Last year, the team concluded their season with 7 wins, 8 losses and 2 ties overall. Their Patriot League record was 3 wins, 4 losses and 2 ties.

However, instead of dwelling on the past, Schremp says the team is looking forward and focusing on what will bring them success on the field, including learning from mistakes with a growth mindset.

“We did a lot of things that are putting us in the right direction. We want to continue moving forward and take away all that we can from the game, without getting too bummed about the result,” Schremp said.

During their preseason, women’s soccer focused a lot on building team chemistry, including participating in collaborative activities with a strong emphasis on getting to know each other.

“We would do lunch buddies, among other stuff, to get more personal,” Schremp said. “We also focused on dealing with uncomfortable moments on the field as a team, which made us grow closer.”

Schremp displays optimism; she believes that the team does a great job of keeping morale high.

She further explained how close-knit the team has become: “I think as a team, we did a great job of keeping enthusiasm up and getting through the tough battles,” she said, in reference to the Providence game. “We have a very strong willingness to support one another and keep things positive this year. We really want to be there for each other and be supportive at all times.”

Schremp, among her other first-year teammates, said she looks to the older players for guidance and support. The team uses individual strengths to collaborate and facilitate ball movement on the field.

“I think that knowing everyone has their own strengths, whether that’s off the ball movement or great technical ability, helps us trust in each other and brings us together,” Schremp said.

The women’s soccer team recently tied Iona University on Aug. 21, and they look forward to upcoming games against Princeton and La Salle.

“If we can [handle the hard better] while remaining positive and on the same page, we can do great things,” she concluded.