Board Extends President Brian Casey’s Contract Through 2030

The Colgate Board of Trustees has voted to extend President Brian W. Casey’s contract through 2030. According to a statement from Daniel DeVries, Senior Director of Communications and Media Relations, the August 25 vote was a unanimous decision. 

“I am honored by the trust that this University community has placed in me and the senior team at Colgate,” Casey said in the statement. “My interactions with our faculty, students, staff, and alumni over these past six years have shown Colgate to be an extraordinary place.”

President Casey has overseen numerous projects at the University, including the Third Century Plan and Campaign for the Third Century, which make substantial investments into multiple areas of Colgate’s operations. Michael J. Herling ‘79, the chair of the Board of Trustees, noted that these projects are partially a result of Casey’s leadership.

“We are fortunate to have one of the nation’s most strategic and visionary presidents,” Herling said in DeVries’ statement announcing the extension. “Thanks to President Casey’s guidance and collaboration with our University community, Colgate has moved forward with a series of transformative initiatives that have improved access and affordability and touched every corner of campus, while also increasing faculty support to extend the academic reach and reputation of the University.”

The statement also noted the University’s unprecedented growth during Casey’s term as president, with an increase of more than 146% in the number of applications over the past two years.

“As a student of the history of American higher education, I know that most leading colleges experience periods of growth when the right combination of academic talent is aligned with ambitious students from all walks of life and a supportive administration,” Casey said. “We are at one of those moments now at Colgate, and I am proud to be part of its trajectory.” 

Many students, including senior Kelsey Beausoleil, were extremely enthusiastic about the news that Casey would continue to serve as president of the University.

“I was extremely delighted with the news of President Casey’s contract extension,” Beausoleil said. “It is obvious the love and admiration he holds for Colgate as an institution and as a community. I am confident he will continue to serve as a leader on this campus with the best intentions for us as students.”

This marks the second time Casey’s contract has been extended since he first became President in 2016, with the previous vote taking place in 2019.