Naturopathic Resources: In Its Own Lane

Located on Madison Street, Naturopathic Resources stands out from other local businesses due to more than just its unique architecture. The tan and green Victorian-style building is nestled in a residential area and has been home to the family-owned business for more than 30 years. Luke Marshall, inheriting the business from his parents nearly 10 years ago, has worked there for a total of 15 years. 

Although the clinic is less popular among Colgate students, local residents and visitors reap its benefits more. Naturopathic Resources specializes in developing holistic and integrative health therapies, one of which is called organ visceral manipulation. It is a gentle, manual therapy — similar to a massage.

 “[Organ visceral manipulation] reestablish[es] the rhythms of all the different organs […] Cranial sacral therapy is a big thing for post-concussion injuries, restoring the cranial rhythms, […] the rate that the cranium is vibrating at,” Marshall said. 

Another lesser-known service is called gas discharge visualization, where a camera captures the photonic emissions from the patient’s body. 

“Based on [the visualization], we can see the status of all the different tissues in the body, whether or not an organ or a tissue is underperforming or over-performing,” explained Marshall.

From there, a treatment plan is established. The clinic’s services are individualized and completed based on continued patient assessments. Sometimes, clients can find that the health problems they’ve sought help with do not emerge exclusively from their previously acknowledged issues. Rather, they can come from lesser known circumstances. 

“When [you] go to a Michelin star restaurant, [you] don’t go and […] tell the chef how to prepare the meal for you. You’re going because the Michelin star chef is a professional and you want them to make a good meal for you. When you come in [to Naturopathic Resources], we look at where you’re at with everything and what are the immediate changes […] what are the immediate things we need to work on that are specific to you,” Marshall said.

Another focus of the business is setting up a supplement regimen for customers. Marshall sources supplements globally that are not available at local pharmacies like Kinney Drugs. 

“When you go to [a drug store] you’re just buying the cheapest of the cheap, synthetic, just garbage basically, which is what most of the supplements are because there’s no FDA regulation or anything,” said Marshall.

At Naturopathic Resources, however, Marshall hopes to direct clientele to the best possible quality supplements. 

“Most people are using some sort of nutritional supplement, like vitamins, minerals, or performance supplements […] I work to find all live source supplements,” Marshall said.

Naturopathic Resources also helps clients make more informed decisions about their diet. Falling in line with their holistic health practices, the business strays from giving official meal plans.

“People come in and they just want someone to tell them what to eat — [as] opposed to developing a relationship with their food […] I’ll just be like, ‘look, you got to check your blood sugar and then go eat a half a dozen donuts, and then check your blood sugar again, and then that gives [clients] insight [to self-regulation],’” said Marshall.

As for the clinic’s future plans, Marshall shares that they are currently farming food in a manner that combats climate change. 

“We’re incorporating things like biochar [a granular carbon substance] into our own property. It’s a super easy thing that we can implement in order to be proactive in pulling excess carbon out of the environment,” Marshall explained. 

People from all walks of life can benefit from this local business. Naturopathic Resources is providing innovative and inclusive ways for people of all ages to combat stress and improve their wellness.

I work with a lot of older clients. I have clients who I work with who are 90 years old and just crushing life,” Marshall added. 

With unrivaled natural health insight and resources, Naturopathic Resources shows no signs of slowing down and will continue to change people’s lives.