Echosmith Makes Homecoming Weekend ‘Bright’

At the end of this year’s Homecoming weekend, Colgate students proved that this is where the “cool kids” are. Hosted by the Student Activities Association (SAA) and in collaboration with the Gamma Phi Beta, Delta Delta Delta and Kappa Kappa Gamma sororities, the Echosmith concert concluded another exciting homecoming in Hamilton. 

In the Hall of Presidents, Colgate tradition combined with modern excitement as Echosmith played through a set list of rock-pop and indie-pop covers. The concert also featured audience involvement, as the crowd sang the background melody to “Diamonds.”

After performing one of their hits, “Bright,” lead singer Sydney Sierota opened up about her struggles with anxiety over the past few years and invited members of the audience to share who helped support them during that time. One lucky student had the opportunity to go on stage with the band, where Sierota recorded a video message and invited the audience to cheer, “We love you Harrison’s mom!” Sierota then told everyone to reach out to their loved ones — an important reminder during this first busy month back at school. 

Colgate students were in for a treat as Echosmith shared an unreleased track titled “Hindsight,” featuring both rock and pop influences. The band also performed covers of fan-favorite songs, such as “Take My Breath Away” from this summer’s hit movie “Top Gun.” After announcing that their new album will be released in the next few days and their tour starts in October, Echosmith ended the night with their hit song, “Cool Kids,” which had the whole room singing and jumping along. Overall, it was a memorable homecoming for Colgate students new and old. 

“Since I’ve never experienced any concert here, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised,” first-year Madison Elias remarked about her experience. “It was a really fun event to end an exciting game day and it was definitely a great welcome to Colgate Homecoming weekend!” 

Echosmith’s concert displayed the range of experiences Colgate offers in the traditional HOP, which was lit up with neon concert lights. 

“Homecoming concerts are the best chance to enjoy live music with friends and reconnect with alumni. I am so glad that Colgate partners with organizations on campus to bring in artists that everyone is familiar with,” sophomore Katie Maratea shared. 

From the packed Hall of Presidents, it was clear that Echosmith is a favorite for Colgate students of all class years. It was both a thrilling concert and a reminder of the lively community that surrounds students here at Colgate. 

How was such a thrilling ending to Homecoming pulled off? It was primarily planned by the SAA Entertainment Committee, led this year by sophomore Elsa O’Brien. She started planning in June — O’Brien organized all the details, starting with securing an act and location. 

“It was really important to us to get a venue accessible to students both up and down the hill, so we were all happy to secure a location between both areas,” O’Brien said about the choice to host the concert in the Hall of Presidents in James C. Colgate Hall.

The artists were also offered a taste of Hamilton’s local businesses, so that they may bring a memory of the University on their way. 

“We got Echosmith some local goodies. Indeed, we got them some bags of coffee beans and cookies from Fojo Beans,” O’Brien explained. “It doesn’t get more Hamilton than Fojo!” 

Echosmith capped off an eventful Homecoming weekend, instilling excitement for a year of fun opportunities thanks to the SAA and other student leaders.