Students Strut in Fair Harbor Fashion Show


Student models pose in the Hall of Presidents before walking for the Fair Harbor Fashion Show as part of Colgate’s 13 Days of Green. 

The Hall of Presidents was filled with eager students waiting to see their classmates strut their stuff for the annual Fair Harbor fashion show on Wednesday, April 13. The event, hosted by Fair Harbor and the Office of Sustainability, was organized as part of Colgate’s 13 Days of Green event for Spring Party Weekend. 

The event began with an acoustic performance by two Colgate students, playing covers of many “beachy” songs by artists such as Jack Johnson. As they performed, students were able to grab a bite to eat or a drink at the cash bar set up in the back of the Hall of Presidents. 

Fair Harbor is a clothing company started by Colgate students with a knack for business and a concern for the environment. Having been raised on the beach, senior Jake Danehy and first-year Caroline Danehy, along with their friend Sam Jacobson, wanted to create a clothing brand that incorporates their love of the ocean while aiding in the reduction of waste. All of Fair Harbor’s clothing is made from recycled water bottles that might otherwise end up in the ocean. Additionally, five percent of their profits are donated to nonprofit organizations. 

The show featured Colgate students who sported Fair Harbor’s classic board shorts, comfortable t-shirts and hats. The Colgate entrepreneurs wanted their clothing to represent their simple yet active life on the beach growing up.   

“I thought it was really funny and cool. It’s a great concept, using recycled clothing,” first-year Kendall Ferguson said. 

When asked about how the idea for Fair Harbor was born, Jake Danehy explained how he was inspired to create the brand. 

“I took an oceanography class and learned about all of the waste that ends up in our oceans. I was really frustrated with that and wanted to come up with a way to get millennials to understand the extent to which this affects us.” 

Growing up near the beach really influenced the trio’s decision to start the business with an environmentally friendly approach. 

“Surfing my entire life motivated us to start the brand,” Jake said.

It would undoubtedly be a big task to run a business while being a full time student. When asked about this experience, Jake explained that it’s all about enjoying what you’re doing. 

“It’s definitely a lot of work, a lot of time. But I love doing this and I love being able to work with my sister.” Jake said.

Jake also talked about what was next for Fair Harbor. 

“We have a lot of cool events coming up and a new line coming out. We’re really excited about it,” Jake said.