Meet the Members of the Swinging ‘Gates

Ever wonder what it would be like to be in Pitch Perfect’s Barden Bellas? Wonder no longer — three members of Colgate’s own Swinging Gates give us a glimpse into the hardwork and close-knit relationships associated with being in an on-campus a cappella group. 

Shloka Subramaniam is a sophomore from Mumbai, India, who joined the Swinging Gates in the fall of 2021 after naturally gravitating toward the group. 

“I joined the Gates in the fall last year. I immediately felt a connection with them after my first audition. I just really liked how closely bonded and dedicated to the group everyone seemed to be,” Subramaniam said.

The group meets three times a week for two-hour practices, where they rehearse and share their collective love for music and performance. Subramaniam’s favorite memory was when the group rented a cabin an hour away from campus in January of this year for a group “getaway.” This event followed the cancellation of their annual tour due to the pandemic. So, members performed over Zoom and took time to create stronger friendships with one another instead. Aside from the Swinging Gates, Subramaniam is considering a concentration in economics and is involved in Sisters of the Round Table (SORT) and America Reads Literacy Program organized by COVE. 

Reanna Bartels-Quansah is a sophomore from New Jersey who joined the Swinging Gates during her first year at Colgate. After being involved in music since she was very young, Bartels-Quansah knew she wanted to join a musical group in college. She was drawn to the Swinging Gates because of their warm hearts, friendliness and strong support system. Like Subramaniam, Bartels-Quansah also cites the January cabin staycation as her favorite memory. 

“We spent all day and night preparing for the virtual concerts we held. It’s one of my favorite memories because that was when I really got to know everyone in the group. Making meals and eating together, playing games, staying up late just talking, singing, watching TV by the fire— it was so special. I knew I had gained a new, forever family on that trip,” Bartels-Quansah shared.

Bartels-Quansah is currently the alumnae relations chair for the group, and enjoys connecting with graduated members. Outside of the Swinging Gates, she is the co-treasurer of SORT, a writer for Colgate’s chapter of Her Campus online magazine and a member of the Varsity Cheerleading team. Additionally, Bartels-Quansah is seeking a concentration in international relations with a double minor in peace and conflict studies and writing and rhetoric. 

Erin Becker, hailing from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, is also a sophomore who joined the Swinging Gates in the fall of 2021. Becker came to Colgate looking for a way to continue her musical passions, and the ‘Gates provided the perfect opportunity for that— with some pleasant surprises along the way.

“I have always loved music, especially singing, and after participating in a variety of different choirs all throughout high school, I knew I wanted to continue singing in college. At first, I didn’t really know how I was going to continue this passion of mine until I stumbled upon the Swinging ‘Gates’ table at the club fair. The two girls at the table — Emily Cope ’22 and Gege Pflager ’22, the two leaders of the ‘Gates last year — were all smiles, and encouraged me to sign up for an audition,” Becker explained.

Since then, Becker hasn’t looked back. She has made her closest friends at Colgate from the group and has created many special memories with the hardworking, talented and kindhearted people in the Swinging Gates. One of her favorites was attending the Reunion this past summer, where graduates and current members got to sing and bond with one another. 

In an effort to make even more memories with the group, Becker became the Co-JanTour manager and is currently planning a trip to Boston and New York this year for the Swinging Gates. She is also responsible for social media and poster-making for the group. In addition to the Swinging Gates, Becker is a member of greek life, works with Campus Safety and is exploring a concentration in environmental biology.

Thanks to Subramaniam, Bartels-Quansah and Becker, we can conclude that the Swinging Gates, just like the well-known Barden Bellas, are a group that shares immense love for one another, works extremely hard and holds an incredible amount of talent. You can see this dynamic in person at the two upcoming Swinging Gates events. On Wednesday, Oct. 19 at 7 p.m. in the Coop TV Room, there will be a Sophomore Concert. This will be the first time the second-years in the group will be soloing. On the following Friday, Oct. 21, there is a Family Weekend Concert in the Chapel. Don’t miss out!