Parry’s Begins Indoor Farmer’s Market for the Winter Season

Parry’s, the general store located at 100 Utica Street, has resumed its indoor farmer’s market, which hosts local vendors in an effort to bring a farm goods market indoors during the winter months.

Parry’s indoor farmer’s market, a Hamilton tradition of over five years, takes place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the first and third Saturday of the month, lasting from November to April. Vendors from the nearby community apply to sell at the market and bring a variety of local produce and hand-crafted items once the season starts. About nine or ten local vendors are typically at the market, according to store manager Andrew Hicks.

According to Parry’s Facebook page, sellers this year include those who specialize in maple products, meatballs, baked goods and more. Local produce is expected to make up the majority of products sold. Hicks expressed that having such a market for fresh produce is something to look forward to.

“I always like the veggies, especially in the dead of winter,” Hicks said. “The greens are really good.”

Parry’s additional partnerships include local school groups and Community Memorial Hospital. Located in Hamilton, Community Memorial Hospital hosts a raffle at the indoor market. At the first farmer’s market on November 5, the sophomore class of Hamilton Central School hosted a bake sale, and the Morrisville-Eaton Middle/High School agriculture program hosted a maple sugar candy-making demonstration.

As a community event that brings together local producers and consumers, the market is popular in town when people want to get out and shop, according to Hicks.

“It’s a nice busy day,” Hicks said. “Especially when it’s beautiful like this last Saturday.”

For those who frequented Hamilton’s weekly farmer’s market in the village green, Parry’s market can serve as a substitute following the seasonal closure of the outdoor space. First-year Jannah Zabadi expressed her excitement for an indoor farmer’s market as someone who enjoyed the town’s outdoor one.

“I love the idea of a winter market,” Zabadi said. “I adored the outdoor farmer’s market on the village green and was sad when it closed.”

Zabadi also looks forward to shopping locally, and she plans to take advantage of Parry’s to do so.

“If I have time, I will definitely pop by,” Zabadi said. “I love seeing the local artisans and different kinds of food people sell in Upstate N.Y. I’ve been to a lot of markets all over the world and I find that local merchants express the soul of a place.”

Parry’s indoor farmer’s market was not widely known among some Colgate students, but first-year Daytona Doherty expressed her interest in attending.

“I didn’t know that the farmer’s market was a thing,” Doherty said. “It sounds super fun […] If I am not too busy I would love to go on a Saturday. I am not sure if I’ll buy anything but I do love to look around at farmer’s markets.”

Hicks encouraged those looking for more information about the indoor market to go to Parry’s website and Facebook page.