Office of Student Involvement Hosts ‘Glow ‘Gate’ Event in Huntington Gym

The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) hosted the Glow ’Gate event in the Huntington Gym on Saturday, Jan. 29 to welcome back students for the spring semester. The fair included glow-in-the-dark carnival games, volleyball, prizes, snacks, a photo booth, glow-in-the-dark painting, custom sign making and glow-in-the-dark mini golf. 

Senior Aidan Woods, who works as a program intern at the OSI, and sophomore Abygail Metellus, who works as a student ambassador at the OSI, have worked closely with OSI assistant director Leigh-Ann Wenzel to plan several events, including Glow ’Gate. Woods explained how he and Metellus began planning the glow-in-the-dark event in September of last year, alongside with Wenzel in an advisory capacity during the process. 

Along with several glow-in-the-dark games and crafts, Glow ’Gate also featured sandwiches and wraps from the Hamilton Eatery and glow-in-the-dark cupcakes from Flour and Salt. Woods was pleased with the event, even though it entailed a dense process of researching entertainment companies and catering options, and making long phone calls and Excel spreadsheets. 

“I knew it would be a really exciting opportunity for my last semester at Colgate. It was awesome to see it all come to life after trying so many ideas,” Woods said.  

For junior Ellie Marwick, the most memorable part of the Glow ’Gate was the mini golf and street sign stations, which were popular amongst her friends. When asked if she would attend another event like Glow ’Gate in the future, she said that she would definitely participate again. However, Markwick commented on the lack of public attention given to the event.

“I would go to something like this in the future, but I think that these events need to be advertised better because I only knew about it when my friend suggested we should go,” Marwick said.

The OSI has held similar events in the past, but Glow ’Gate was the first of its kind to include so many different activities. According to Woods, the event was a success and had between 100-200 attendees. He and Metellus both agree that the Glow ‘Gate event would be exciting to host every year. Metellus explained the event was a success since she saw many students enjoying themselves with their friends.

“I thought Glow ’Gate was a perfect welcome back celebration where any and everyone can participate, have fun and have a sense of belonging,” Metellus said.

When asked about making any changes in the future, Woods explained he would change the timing of some of the activities.

“It calmed down a lot before 11 p.m., so I might have included phases or something in the event to keep people coming the whole time,” Woods said.

Woods also noted that he could not have planned the event without the help of Taylor King, administrative coordinator of student engagement, sophomore Katie Maratea and Chris and Scott from Neon Entertainment, along with all the other staff that made the event a success.