Dancing the Night Away with SCOPE


This group brought the energy to the Phi Delta Theta basement this past weekend.

Last Saturday, February 20, the Student Committee on Providing Entertainment (SCOPE) hosted the “Back Dave, Jaguar Pyramids and Perrion” event at Phi Delta Theta fraternity. The event featured rapper Jaguar Pyramids and electro hip-hop artist Perrion. Jaguar Pyramids performs hit songs like, “Gugenheim,” “Pull Up” and “Rarl Leather.” Perrion has opened for A$AP Rocky and performed from one of his newer albums “From Perry with Love.” 

The concert took place in the Phi Delta Theta basement. Although somewhat cramped, the space allowed for the audience to feel the connective atmosphere and be close to the artists. Many of the people attending the event created a moshpit around Jaguar Pyramids and Perrion when they sang and performed the signature jump and head bob along to the music. The basement was the perfect place to hold the concert with great music and fun tables to dance on, and the crowd couldn’t help but have a good time.

 “I would say that it was both energized yet simultaneously intimate in that the performers danced and jumped around with the audience. Not to mention that the music was great. It was one of my favorite events I’ve attended this year,” sophomore Gabrielle Woleske said.

While most of the concerts at Colgate are very small and still enjoyable, these artists took this to a new level by not using a stage and moving within the crowd to reach out to the audience. This seemed to be one of the key features that made the event special. 

“It was amazing to be able to be three feet from the artists and interact with them. The atmosphere was more personal than any concert I have ever been to,” senior Ethan Jones said.

By the end of the night mini dance circles were breaking out in the basement with students showing off their moves in hopes of impressing their peers.

If this concert is any indication of the future of musicians at Colgate, students have a lot to look forward to. 

“It was a really great time. The artists were feeding off of the energy from the crowd and everyone was hyped up and having fun. It was awesome having such passionate artists come all the way to Colgate to put on this show,” sophomore Zach Harris said. 

SCOPE has put on many successful events including the Cults concert last semester, which was also a huge success. We can look forward to future concerts hosted by SCOPE.