An Ode to Chipotle



For my editor’s column, I would like to write about Chipotle. I think it is important to say if you have not been to a Chipotle that (1) this article probably won’t make much sense to you, and (2) drop this paper and get in a car right now to drive 35 miles to the closest Chipotle in New Hartford. 

Chipotle has truly revolutionized the fast-food industry: no longer must we settle with the likes of the Big Mac or Whopper. Instead, we can enjoy a fresh, fully packed burrito made right in front of us. Unfortunately, I was a little late to the Chipotle game; since I went to boarding school and was without a car, my exposure was restricted. The first time I had Chipotle was in eleventh grade when I went on a field trip to Boston with my Shakespearean English class to see a rendition of Hamlet. While I remember nothing about the play,  I do remember my Chipotle burrito. On the way home there was a snowstorm so, for what I can assume were safety purposes, we had to get off the road and ended up in the parking lot of a very generic shopping plaza. Since the majority of us were starving, we convinced our teacher to let us grab something to eat from one of the eateries located at this shopping plaza. One of those restaurants was Chipotle. 

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve never really been a big fan of Mexican food; thus, I made my way to the front of the line at Chipotle with great skepticism. While my first order was certainly memorable, I have since modified it to make it much, much better. For those still reading, I am about give you the best advice when it comes ordering food from Chipotle: do not get a burrito, get a bowl. Not only does the bowl have more food in it, but it’s also a cleaner meal. Sure, if you are in a rush, a burrito makes sense; if you have the time, however, you’ve got to go with the bowl. 

The key to a successful order is double meat and guacamole. For the bowl especially, the double meat is crucial as it ensures that there is meat in every single bite. Other than that, get whatever you want. If you like beans, get beans. If you like all types of salsa or sour cream, get that as well. Chipotle’s guacamole is also unbelievable and is necessary for any successful order. Chips are important – even more so than the guacamole. I am not sure what exactly makes them special, but they are really salty and the hint of lime makes them absolutely delectable. The chips actually serve a very important purpose: you use them to scoop the contents of the burrito bowl up. Trust me, it makes all of the difference. Every single bite has meat, guacamole and chip. It’s honestly one of my favorite meals. 

Chipotle has become so important to me that – without fail – a bunch of my friends and I go every single Friday to get our burrito bowls and chips. It’s not just fast food, it’s a lifestyle. I love Chipotle so much that I am willing to get E.Coli just so I can eat their delicious food.

You just read an article about Chipotle and you’re wondering why I chose to write about Chipotle for my editor’s column. The answer is actually quite simple: the Super Bowl just happened and I just enjoyed a nice burrito bowl from Chipotle. Although Tom Brady and the Patriots were not in this Super Bowl, Chipotle helped me forget that fact as I watched Cam Newton get dismantled by the Broncos.