Every Field, Every Arena, and Every Athletic Department Assistant

If you’re looking for a flexible and dynamic work environment, the Colgate Athletics Department might be a perfect fit. The Athletics Department hires students for a variety of jobs to support their teams, providing numerous opportunities to gain experience in a wide range of skills. 

Sophomore Chris Deng has worked as a media & operations assistant, where his duties stretched from filming to data input.

“[I would] support play debriefing and strategy analysis by filming daily practices and weekly games, traveling with the team and maintaining the internal data system to assist the football coaching staff with data-informed decisions,” Deng explained.

Sophomore Amanda DeSantis, a promotions assistant, has worked as an MC for Men’s and Women’s basketball and hockey games. As a member of the Varsity Softball team, she needed a job that could work with her busy weeks.

“My job is a minor commitment,” DeSantis said. “I am on the softball team at Colgate University, so I am often out of town around this time and unable to work. Because I enjoy my job, I work whenever I am available.”

Senior Lucy Netwick, a game day assistant in the Athletics Communications department, also highlighted the freedom that her job’s scheduling system provides.

“We give Lisa Diehl, the operations coordinator, our availability so we can really work however much or little we choose,” Netwick said. “When we do work, most games are typically only 2-3 hours long.”

The flexibility is great, but DeSantis appreciates more than just the department’s ability to accommodate her schedule. She also loves the experiences she’s had through her job as a promotions assistant.

“I value my job because I feel as if it is setting me up for future opportunities and providing me with valuable experience. I have learned the most about talking in front of people, and have become very comfortable speaking to large groups,” DeSantis said.

Communication is a valuable strength in any career, and the assistants all stressed how much their jobs improved their ability to communicate in a high-energy environment. Deng voiced how much he appreciated the experience and the way it helped develop his interpersonal skills.

“It’s just a good opportunity to be outside and to have some fun. Through the job, I’ve definitely learned how to better communicate, work in a team, make quick decisions and respond to emergencies (as situations on the field change pretty quickly),” Deng said.

Netwick also mentioned how beneficial her job has been.

“Along with learning a bunch of technical skills to actually input stats or run broadcasts, I’ve really learned how to communicate and make connections with a ton of different people,” Netwick said. “We also have some downtime before games start so you begin to develop relationships with a lot of department faculty like the athletics director, facilities managers, and sports information directors, along with other students.”

The networking opportunities and connections athletics department interns develop are a less obvious perk of the job. DeSantis was able to leverage her experience as a promotions assistant to secure summer employment.

“I would like to possibly work in sports marketing or broadcasting,” DeSantis said. “My job has helped me to earn an internship at the WBNG news station in my area this summer!”

Deng added, “It’s a good talking point when I network with Colgate alumni who were athletes.”

Above all, Deng, DeSantis and Netwick all emphasized how much they enjoyed working in the Athletics Department, and how much they valued their experience.

“I absolutely love my job, I’ve had it all 4 years I’ve been here and I honestly could not think of a better fit for me,” Netwick said.