The Case for Hillary, Made Simple


Get ready to exercize your right to vote this Primary and National election season. Don’t forget to register!

Polls, surveys, tweets, debates, memes – the list of campaign season checklist items goes on and on as you struggle to make your decision. In this concise yet nuanced commentary piece, I am writing for you: the undecided Democrat. But by all means, continue reading if you are truly an undecided, independent voter.

Are you registered and ready to vote in the primary elections? Are you a registered Democrat, self-identifying liberal or progressive or any other identity along these lines? Do you care about the well-being, safety and simple livelihood of not just Americans, but also people and communities from around the world? If you answered yes to these three questions, then you without a doubt should be voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016. While Senator Bernie Sanders’ messages of free college and everything else in between satisfies our societal taste buds, we, as a prosperous nation, must also be keenly focused on the challenges facing the entire world moving into the future. If you have watched any of the Democratic debates thus far, it should be clear that Sanders has truly and absolutely no bearings, no drawn-out policies and no experience regarding national security and foreign policy.

Now, there is much to like and admire about Senator Sanders, and I would like to see many of his progressive policies put into action. If there were no pressing issues beyond our borders, I might have even entertained the idea of supporting him. But for anyone who reads the news, it is clear this is entirely not the case.

But what is all this fuss about international affairs? Is it really America’s role to be “the world’s policeman?” The answer is yes – international affairs are very important, and strong American leadership is just as important. Still, why? Because people suffer when conflicts arise and political vacuums exist. When a crisis like the Syrian Civil War erupts and continues without mediation, millions of people – an amount difficult to truly internalize – lose their homes and livelihoods as they become refugees or internally displaced persons. Even worse, regional and global powers like Iran and Russia increase their presences and further destabilize the region.

Examining further the topic of the Middle East leads to the signing and recent implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA or “The Iran Deal”). Not only did the JCPOA mark a symbolic and literal opening up of diplomatic ties between America and Iran, but it also marked the beginning of a long, careful and important process of inspecting and monitoring Iran’s militaristic nuclear program to ensure Iran does not develop it, in compliance with the Iran Deal. The JCPOA is the product of Clinton’s diplomatic initiative, and there is no better future Commander in Chief more prepared to keep its content and wisdom intact.

There are those who would challenge me with, “Well I’m still voting for Bernie because he can surround himself with smart foreign policy advisors.” You certainly are free to vote for whomever you like, but it cannot be overstated that you are voting for the next Commander in Chief of the United States of America. If your mother said to you as a child that she has no plans on how to properly care for you, but instead will be advised by parenting experts, you would hope that nothing serious or dire ever arose because your mother would not be in any position to respond swiftly and strategically.

Lastly, Clinton’s superior diplomatic know-how and strategy should be sharply contrasted to the rhetoric coming from the other side of the aisle. GOP calls for war, and its seemingly complete disregard for international law should be ferociously challenged and fought.

For these reasons and dozens other, Clinton should have your vote this Primary and National Election season – for America and for the world.