Chartwells Seeks Improvement Through Student Input

Beginning over the summer leading up to the Fall 2015 semester, Colgate underwent a transition in the dining services. Ever since Colgate switched its dining provider from Sodexo to Chartwells, the student body has had mixed reactions. Some were disappointed in the new services, either because they missed Sodexo’s features or because the new providers didn’t live up to their expectations. However, Chartwells is taking student input into consideration and has begun implementing changes in the hopes of satisfying the Colgate community.

Sophomore Woohee Kim, a member of the Dining Advisory Committee (DAC), spoke about the shift.

“Chartwells had not been able to keep up very well with student demands the first few weeks. However, they’ve tried to remain open to student input and made important changes,” Kim said.

Some of these changes include the Chobani yogurt bar and tandoori oven in the O’Connor Campus Center (COOP), as well as additional varieties of sushi in Frank Dining Hall. Chartwells also recently opened a grab-and-go station in the COOP after hearing that it was a feature widely missed from last year.

Students had good things to say about the changes, specifically the changes made to Frank Dining Hall.

“I really like that it’s open 24/7, and there are a lot more vegetarian options,” sophomore Lillian Ganske said.

Kim also commented positively on Chartwells’ progress.

“I have been impressed with their willingness to listen to feedback and make changes… The interactions I’ve had with them showed they are a committed team that are responsive to student opinions and are quick to make changes in their power,” Kim said.

The DAC sent out a dining satisfaction survey, hosted a Chartwells brown bag discussion with the Student Government Association (SGA) and put together numerous focus groups in order to allow students to share their thoughts and requests.

The DAC’s survey was sent to the Colgate student body through Campus Distributions on October 28. Students interested in giving their own thoughts and suggestions can take this survey via the link provided in the email.