Minus the City: Blame It on the Retrograde

I’m really into astrology. I actually swear by it. It’s to the extent where my best friend and I check each other’s horoscopes daily to see how one another’s day will go without even having to ask, and you best believe that I am always looking for my perfect astrological match (as a Cancer, I’m looking for a Capricorn, Pisces or Sagittarius). Astrology explains everything, and before you make fun of me, go and look up compatibility for your sign and basically read the history of your prior relationships, and perhaps the issues of your current. I’m a Cancer, prone to nostalgia and overthinking (obviously), and a problem with caring too much. My horoscope–which I check everyday, unapologetically–is always 100 percent spot on. 

So why am I mentioning my slight obsession with astrology now? On Sunday, while trying to get my homework done in the library, I found myself pondering every slightly regrettable decision I’ve ever made. Unable to concentrate and cursing my nostalgia, I gave up on my homework and headed home, wondering why virtually every embarrassing episode of my life decided to play in my head as I was trying to read A Brief History of Neoliberalism.  

Walking home I noticed the clarity. I could see everything–at 10 o’clock, it was unusually bright. Then, upon looking up, I noticed the moon. If you’re living under a rock, or entirely off social media (of course Facebook wouldn’t let a single one of us forget the lunar eclipse), please note that Sunday night was the super blood moon–a combination of a super moon and a lunar eclipse that won’t happen again until 2033. And it was right then and there that I decided that the supermoon lunar eclipse was to blame for my nostalgia. I was given an astrological reason to ponder every single mistake I’ve made in various past relationships. 

It’s cliché, but there are countless accounts of more breakups, closing of doors and shifting of energies occurring under a full moon. One can only imagine the effect of a super moon. If that wasn’t already enough, and for my friends out there who don’t frequent astrology blogs as much as I do (which is, as you can imagine, an embarrassing amount), Mercury is in retrograde. So the bottom line for you non-believers out there is that there is a lot going on in astrology that gives reason for wonky energy, tension in relationships or fits of nostalgia in my case. 

Don’t believe me? Next time you are looking to procrastinate, do yourself a favor and look up your horoscope characteristics if you’ve never done so. If you really want to embrace astrology, look up compatibility, whether it be in friendships or relationships, and find your relationships explained. And in these next few days, give yourself a break. And blame it on the retrograde.