SGA Prepares for Halloween

On Tuesday, October 20, members of the Student Government Association (SGA) convened for one of the organization’s weekly Senate meetings. At this meeting, students heard from Associate Dean of Conduct Kimberly Taylor who discussed the significant role of Colgate’s Conduct Board on campus. At the meeting, members of the Senate also voted on the conduct board elections, approving the students with 39 votes in favor and one senator abstaining from voting.

In addition to hearing from Taylor, members of the Senate discussed the passing of a resolution for increased InterGroup Dialogue (IGD) in Colgate classrooms. The Academic Affairs Committee (AAC), a Senate-based committee led by sophomore Senator Woohee Kim, proposed this resolution. While the resolution was discussed at the meeting, it was tabled at the time so that students could further deliberate on the topic.

Among the weekly reports, the Class Affairs Committee (CAC) discussed their plans to co-host a Halloween party, the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) talked about their plan to purchase lawn chairs to put out on the quad and the External Affairs Committee (EAC) spoke about their plans to start a “Know Your Rights Campaign” in collaboration with the village of Hamilton. One of the senators on the EAC, junior Connor Chabot, spoke about the “Know Your Rights Campaign” on the SGA’s weekly radio show on WRCU this week, noting the importance of students improving relations with the residents of Hamilton and showing respect for those who live in town. The campaign is also a way of allowing students to learn about their rights when dealing with Campus Safety and the Hamilton Police. Chabot said that the group plans to potentially create brochures with information about this campaign to inform students on campus about this initiative.

On Tuesday, October 27, Senators and other SGA members came together to discuss the results of the Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Consortium’s sexual climate survey with Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Scott Brown. The survey was sent out to students on Colgate’s campus in the Spring 2015 semester. This meeting provided students with a chance to hear and discuss the results of this survey and to think about what kinds of actions need to be taken after assessing such information.

The results of this survey will be shared and discussed with the rest of campus in the upcoming weeks. There will be a forum held on November 6 to share these results with the rest of campus and to have a discussion about what to do with these results. Students involved with positive sexuality initiatives on campus will be present at this forum to lead this discussion.