A New Protestant Minister Arrives on Campus

After a recently conducted nationwide search, Colgate has hired Pastor Corey MacPherson as the new full-time Associate University Chaplain and Protestant Campus Minister, a full-time position that has not been filled since 2009.

“Corey has great, new ideas and lots of experience, which is good news for the University Church (UC).  Plus, because he has filled a full-time position, he can be a constant presence in the chapel for any student on campus,” junior Jenna Lilly said. Lilly is co-president of the University Church and member of the Chaplain’s search committee.

During the economic downturn of 2009, the position of Protestant Campus Minister was reduced from full-time to part-time. But with the popularity of the University Church’s programs and the workload associated with students’ religious needs, the office was forced to rework its internal make-up. With a committee featuring faculty and student input, MacPherson was chosen from many applicants in order to best fit Colgate’s religious needs.

After graduating from seminary 15 years ago, MacPherson established a church in Stony Brook, NY where he was heavily involved with Stony Brook University. For the past seven and a half years, MacPherson served as Vice President and College Chaplain at Eastern Nazarene College, a

Christian liberal arts college in Boston.

“I believe these experiences as a pastor in a college town and a chaplain on a liberal arts campus have prepared me well to serve here at Colgate. My primary initiative is to support students in their spiritual journey, whether that be UC students or other students who just need someone to talk with and/or walk with them in their spiritual journey,” MacPherson said.

Along with Sunday services, the University Church holds Wednesday Bible Study lunches and an Athletes for Christ program, works on service projects in Madison County and is currently creating a multi-year initiative focused on an impoverished community in Haiti.

“We are trying to establish a long term-project/partnership with a village in Haiti. Our hope and prayer is that UC will be able to assist in bringing an entire village out of poverty by helping provide resources for a water well, medical clinic and school,” MacPherson said.

Although MacPherson’s position is that of a Protestant Campus Minister, he will also be part of interfaith programs and dialogue, giving students and faculty members of other faiths and non-faith groups a chance to learn and

interact with him.

“So far, I am thoroughly impressed with Corey. He brings a great energy and devotion to his work, and he wants to create a diverse, accepting and meaningful community within University Church and in the greater Colgate community. He is completely dedicated to the student body for any spiritual, emotional, academic or other needs and concerns they may have,” Lilly said.