The Guy Who Does Stuff

I don’t have a job. In April of my senior year, saying that to myself is scary. However, I find it way scarier to admit to myself that I only have four or five more real weeks at Colgate. It makes the job issue seem like it can wait.

How can not having a job wait when I’ll be out of here in a month and a half? Maybe I’m wrong, and it can’t wait. But it does need to be taken in stride as you do all the other things a Colgate senior has to or wants to do before they graduate. There may be a checklist somewhere, but realistically you should make your own

 personalized one.

The job search will still happen or the apartment search if you are lucky enough to have a job.  The emails will still be answered – although this becomes more difficult everyday for me – and the papers will still be written.  Find a way to make these happen around everything you want to do. Soon enough you will have that Colgate University degree. But I hope that most people come out of the next six0 weeks with more than just a degree – insert STD joke here. Here is how.

I want to catch up more with old friends, spend more time with my current friends and be that guy that always wants to do stuff.  If you don’t know at least one person that always wants to do stuff, I do feel sorry for you.  They are great to have around when you need someone to do stuff with – whatever that adventure is. If you are that person, nag people to do something with you.

Go to IM sports games, whether you are playing or watching and cheering. Go to the Barge (if you know what that is) with your sophomore year roommate. Make a somewhat advanced meal with your friends. Get rowdy for a Colgate lacrosse game.  Say yes to a formal invite. Play a board game but remember not to trade your wheat to the guy that gets out to an early lead.  Heck, play a video game with your friends, if only for the trash talk.

Maybe I’m restating an obvious seize-the-day sentiment, but writing this is convincing me to be that I-want-to-do-stuff guy. More importantly, this isn’t something that can be done with two weeks of school left. I think my point is, have those adventures. There is still time to make college memories and solidify friendships, but don’t cram it into the last two weeks after you’ve gotten a job. Limit your time alone and your Netflix binges since you can do that with whatever job you land. Hey, who knows, maybe we will even get a few days warm enough to want to hang out outdoors.

In the words of Walt Disney, “It seems to me that we have a lot of story left to tell.”  Seniors, we have a lot of story left to tell. Get out there and create that story. But save time to read The Maroon-News.