“Come Together Cabaret” Joins Campus Community for Night of Songs

Are you one of those people who serenades fellow students with Becky G. while taking showers? Do you enjoy the vibrations of vocal cords? Well if you have attended events with Colgate’s many a cappella groups, you can hear even more sweet music from Colgate’s very own Cabaret singers.

The bi-annual cabaret was held this semester in Brehmer Theater of Dana Arts Center on Thursday February 27  and Friday February 28 from 7 to 9 p.m.

 As the directors of the show, seniors Lauren Bender and Katie Sotos and juniors Meredith Clark and Jennifer Shelton wrote on the playbill, “For this show, we chose songs that are fun, meaningful and generally have good vibes. In light of the campus climate this past year, our mission was to present a show that would bring together Colgate students and faculty through the beauty and art of song.” 

“Come Together Cabaret” was a night of song, dance and a crowded theater. The black dresses contrasted the upbeat songs and overarching theme of unity. Songs ranged from musical numbers like “The Song of Purple Summer” featured in Spring Awakening and sung by senior Katie Williams, juniors Anne Achenbaum and Obi O’Brien, sophomore Casey Lange, and first-year Mike Rapaport,  to “Turning Tables” by Adele, sung by seniors Sarah Cummings and Joanie Margolis.

First-year Tyler Maxie joined cabaret after being intrigued by its theme. 

“I really wanted to bring something good to the community because it was so hostile last semester,” Maxie said. “Also, noticing that not many black individuals or males did cabaret, I wanted to be involved to represent. I really wish I was involved in cabaret first semester. I really learned a lot and grew close to the cast. Overall, a great experience for a great cause.”

The enthusiastic applause of the audience after each song attested to the spectacular performance of the singers. First-year Max Israelit particularly enjoyed the show. 

“It was refreshing to see such a diverse group of students come together and contribute their unique talents to create a phenomenal performance,” Israelit said. “The overall message of the event was also inspiring, and the production team’s efforts to unite the campus were valiant.” 

The organizers of cabaret encountered many obstacles with this year’s production including a change in venue and a time crunch, but with teamwork and the inspiring leadership of Bender, the show went off flawlessly. 

Cali Fehrnstrom, a first-year student, found participating in Cabaret to be a positive experience. 

“It was a lot of fun being able to interact with a variety of people that I otherwise might not have gotten the chance to get to know,” Fehrnstrom said. “I really enjoyed having a mix of class years all working together to achieve one common goal of putting on a show that the public would want to come see.”