SGA Weekly Update


The Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Board has been working on many initiatives over the past several weeks, including the organization of a new brown bag luncheon in the Brown Bag Series. The latest Brown Bag took place on Tuesday, March 10, and offered an opportunity for students and Campus Safety officers to come together and foster better relationships for the future. The Brown Bag was successful in creating a constructive dialogue and bridging gaps between Campus Safety and students. Food catered by Royal India Grill was provided for those in attendance.

SGA members have also worked together in participating in the recent Colgate Day of Impact. Colgate launched its Day of Impact campaign to foster goodwill as well as provide an opportunity to share Colgate pride in the days that led up to Friday, March 13. SGA members released a video on Facebook highlighting acts of goodwill and the value of “paying it forward.” Junior Jessie Sullivan helped take the lead with this video and various other SGA members were instrumental in its success.

Sullivan has also been working on many environmental initiatives since returning from her study abroad experience. She spearheaded many initiatives and Senate legislation in order to improve the Colgate experience. One of her major contributions this semester includes her attempt to ban the use of Styrofoam cups at all Colgate-funded events. She recently helped to introduce legislation that would establish a resolution to this effect. Through SGA initiatives such as this recent legislation, Sullivan believes that Colgate can continue to become more

environmentally friendly.

“Banning Styrofoam cups, bowls and other tableware items is a small step that can reduce Colgate’s footprint in regards to food-related events that already produce a lot of waste,” Sullivan said. “We are encouraging all departments to re-evaluate their use of single-use tableware, and I would like to encourage all students and student groups to think about their impact on the environment as well.”

Making a pattern of choosing recyclable or reusable tableware will lead to larger positive implications for the environment in the future.”

In addition, SGA is helping to raise awareness for the new Colgate Cruiser routes that were recently implemented. The new Cruiser routes are designed to create more accessibility and efficiency for students. SGA members met with Birnie Bus representatives over the course of the year to create more convenient Colgate Cruiser services. This past Sunday, the new Cruiser routes were implemented, and the mobile application has updated information for the changes in the routes. SGA and other organizations will continue to work together to provide information and collect feedback regarding these revamped Cruiser routes.