SGA Update for the Week

Expenditure in fall 2014: The above pie chart from the BAC shows where the funds from the Student Activity Fee were allocated during the past semester.

Expenditure in fall 2014: The above pie chart from the BAC shows where the funds from the Student Activity Fee were allocated during the past semester.

The Student Government Association (SGA) Senate and Executive Board met to discuss developments on specific projects as well as future initiatives. All of the SGA members have completed their green certification, and there are steps in place to raise awareness about the environmental consequences of Styrofoam cups. 

The SGA Executive Board came to a consensus in introducing more open forums for this semester. Last semester, the SGA hosted two Brown Bags, which helped the organization to understand the challenges of the current campus climate and potential resolutions and improvements. 

The Brown Bags provide an opportunity for students to directly engage with SGA representatives and discuss their concerns and ideas about the Colgate community. The Brown Bag initiative planned for this semester is currently in progress, and details are forthcoming.

SGA Senator sophomore Mike Callesen and his peers on the SGA External Affairs Committee have been working to create a more dynamic social environment in the downtown area. Callesen is working to bring more student performances to Saxby’s, providing an engaging experience for students at the popular coffeehouse. In addition, Callesen is working to better utilize the Village Green when warmer weather arrives.

“We do see both Saxby’s and the Village Green as great venues to not only give students an avenue to express their creative sides, but also to better Hamilton-Colgate relations. After attending several Lounge events last semester, I’ve seen that there are incredibly talented students at this school. I would love to work with them and open Saxby’s and the Village Green as additional outlets for them to show off their work,” Callasen said. 

SGA Treasurer senior Austin Collier oversees the Budget Allocation Committee (BAC), which works to provide funding for student groups and events on campus. Collier has helped to create greater transparency between the BAC and the Colgate community and will help to publish weekly reports on the BAC’s activities. 

The pie chart graphic above illustrates the BAC’s funding activities for the Fall 2014 semester, highlighting the intents of various events and activities to receive funding.

“The Student Activity Fee funds the nearly 200 student groups on campus, and totals around $460,000 per semester. This pie chart represents the intent or focus of various events and expenses as perceived by the BAC. It does not represent how much funding was applied for versus how much funding was received – it is strictly a representation of the funds that were allocated during the late summer and fall. 

This past fall was a time of great structural change that caused the fee to be distributed much more quickly than usual. The BAC is currently reviewing spring funding proposals and plans to begin publishing weekly updates on all successful funding proposals,” Collier said.

Collier and the BAC’s work illustrates the strong transparency and hard work that goes into funding the various student groups and activities throughout the academic year.