New Club Hopes to Spark Conversation about Gender Roles at Colgate


The club Men at Colgate has made a return to the campus this year. This group, which began in April 1998, includes a variety of male students from different backgrounds and experiences. This diversity lends plenty of interesting perspectives to the topics of conversation.

“The mission is to foster a more positive and inclusive concept of gender norms and to proactively address gender-based violence and sexual assault. The vision is to promote a more accessible conversation about these issues across groups at Colgate through allyship” Director of Shaw Wellness Institute Thad Mantaro said. 

Students had a variety of reasons for joining the club. 

“I helped revitalize and reorganize Men at Colgate in attempt to create a space where men could discuss gender norms,” senior club leader Nick Yannopoulos said. “I attended a few forums and discussions that were primarily run by women. While I certainly respect these individuals and learned a great deal thanks to their efforts, there appears a need for additional male leadership to address the sexual climate at Colgate.” 

“Gender programs are geared towards preventing sexual assault,” senior Matt Carter said. “I think we should continue the topic past that.” 

The club has begun to think through male stereotypes and now asks the hard questions about how the campus can change them. 

According to Associate Vice President and Dean of the Students Scott Brown, the resurrected club differs in that it is primarily a student initiative. 

“I think the basic issues are the same,” Brown said.  “A lot of men want to look at what do gender roles look like on campus and  what does it mean to be a man on campus? With the previous club, it was really led a lot by the administrators and not the students. The way this club is going, it’s getting kick started by Mr. Mantaro, but it’s getting shifted over so that students can take control of it.”

The club is still working out events to promote conversation about masculinity and gender roles. Keep an eye out for movie screenings, brochures and events hosted by Men At Colgate. The club meets every Monday from 7-8 in the Shaw Wellness Center, and those interested can email [email protected] for more information.