Assistant Dean of Campus Life, Fouad Saleet, Resigns


FAREWELL FOUAD: Fouad Saleet helped the school transition into numerous new social policies during his four years here.

Assistant Dean for Campus Life Fouad Saleet is resigning from his position at Colgate University, where he has worked since 2010. In this position, Saleet oversaw the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs and provided help and advice for students involved with Greek life. He also took on many other positions while working at Colgate.

“Primarily, for the last couple of years, [my position included] just full-on advising and directing the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs,” Saleet said. “Prior to that … I was director for CLSI [Center for Leadership and Student Involvement] at one point, I worked with the Fox Leadership Institute and directed that program for about four years [and] I was involved in the initial few years of the Thought Into Action Program.”

Saleet was also involved with working on Donovan’s Pub over the last few years. In addition, he has helped with organizing Spring Party Weekend and worked as an administrative dean in the Dean’s Office.

When asked about his future endeavors, Saleet said that he is leaving his position at Colgate because of an opportunity that opened up at Pearson Education. Saleet’s last day at Colgate was Monday, October 20.

 “I think the thing that’s throwing me off is about a resignation … currently I’m the Assistant Dean for Campus Life, and I’m just moving on to another opportunity, so it’s not like ‘damn it, I quit!’” Saleet said.

Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Scott Brown expressed his appreciation for Saleet.

“This is a great opportunity for him and we will miss him. Fouad has served Colgate students and supported his colleagues in many ways since he arrived in 2010,” Brown said.

Brown says that with the open position, the administration plans on taking action to make sure that the vacant role will be filled.

“We will establish a transition plan in the interim and then make a longer plan,” Brown said. “We have several staff that have worked closely with students and we are organized so that students won’t feel a demonstrable change in support.”

As for having someone take over Saleet’s position, Brown does not specify who the administration plans to fill this spot. Brown says that the administration hopes to have someone to cover the opening created by Saleet’s resignation by the end of this year.

“We will certainly have a person who oversees fraternities and sororities … we are fortunate to have a strong division [that is] organized so we can accommodate staffing changes without changing our support for our students,” Brown said.

President of Delta Delta Delta Sorority senior Alison Rosser and Gamma Phi Beta House Manager senior Ellen Rodowsky both received advice from Saleet in their roles in Greek life.

“I met with Fouad Saleet every week to discuss events both on campus and within my chapter,” Rosser said. “He helped me with any issues myself or my organization faced, and [I] wish him the best at his next job.”

Similar to Rosser, Rodowsky said that she met with Saleet to help her with any concerns that she had about her sorority house.

“Any questions I had regarding specific projects or repairs around the house I would send to him, and he would contact the necessary person to address the question…There will definitely be some challenges now that he’s leaving, but I think we will have a smooth transition to working under the framework of all Broad Street houses,” Rodowsky said.

President of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority senior Katharine Latta also described Saleet as someone always willing to help her.

“Fouad’s decision to leave is definitely a sad one for me since he provided me with a lot of support as a president, but also just as a person,” Latta said. “Being the president of such a large organization — we are almost at 200 women — is definitely both a challenge and a privilege; I always knew that I could come to Fouad with any frustrations or celebrations and he would have my back.”

Saleet also helped to guide President of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity senior David Gold in his position.

“I think that Fouad was a very stern but fair administrator. He always gave a lot of sound advice about how to run Beta, both internally and externally,” Gold said. “I really do believe that he’s only leaving because he was offered a better job in Syracuse. It’s no more or no less than that. Being the Assistant Dean for Campus Life is definitely a hard job, especially at Colgate, and I think that Fouad did a really good job at it.”

President of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority senior Katie Cech also said that Saleet will be missed, but that the Greek organizations will be able to fare without him.

“I think Fouad was an incredibly helpful source of information to all Greek houses, and one that I truly think we won’t fully appreciate until he is gone,” Cech said. “But his resignation…will give us as Greeks a valuable opportunity to step up to the plate and really show the school just how much we can accomplish, even without an advisor.”