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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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Dancefest Kicks off Springfest 2024 With Enthusiastic Student Performances

Printed with permission of Peyton Taylor

Dancefest is one of the most exciting and beloved traditions at Colgate University. It is a chance for students of all backgrounds to express themselves creatively for an audience that is eager to appreciate the talent of their peers. On Friday, April 26, over 100 students came together to continue the tradition and kick off Springfest with 30 incredible performances and an opening number to Hannah Montana’s “Hoedown Throwdown.”

The beauty of Dancefest is that there is no one type of student who participates. On the stage, there are student-athletes and ‘theater kids,’ lifelong dancers and people performing for the first time, the most outgoing person on campus and the most reserved. The art of dance provides a welcoming and positive environment for students to express themselves.

Sophomore and Colgate women’s basketball player Christina Midgette joined dance the group, Melanated, to try something new, and shared that she is grateful for the experience.

“I decided to join Melanated after my basketball season ended because it was something different, and I thought it would be cool to step out of my comfort zone,” Midgette said. “I ended up joining three weeks before Dancefest, so it was exciting to have to learn and pick up the choreography with a few practices left. I really enjoyed my experience. All the people I met were very nice and welcoming, and it is definitely something I would do again.”

Student-athletes have a lot of commitments to manage, but Midgette did not let that stop her from participating in Dancefest. The fact that all types of students participate in the event makes it even more exciting for spectators. As the dance groups took the stage, audience members screamed out the names of friends they came to watch.

Sophomore Tanner Harmon usually participates in Dancefest, but due to prior commitments, was not able to dance this year. He still attended the performance and was excited to experience the event from a new perspective.

“Dancefest is one of my favorite campus events of the year,” Harmon said. “I am always surprised and delighted by the sheer level of talent so many Colgate students get to show off. Seeing someone you pass on the quad every day or sit next to in class give a seriously impressive performance always reminds me just how talented the people around me are. Everyone in attendance goes nuts for Dancefest, and I’m right there with them.”

Harmon did not exaggerate in his claims, as the audience truly did express their enthusiasm unabashedly. This year’s emcees of Dancefest — sophomores Corrigan Peters and Maxwell Walker and junior Alex Tauber — successfully hyped up the crowd. In fact, the emcees could barely get through introducing the dances before the crowd started shouting with excitement at the names of the choreographers.

One of the choreographers, junior Katie Victor, has been dancing her whole life, and Dancefest allowed her to stay connected with her passion.

“I’ve been dancing since I was two years old and it’s been great to have the chance to keep dancing at Colgate,” Victor said. “Throughout my time here, I’ve started choreographing more and more, and pushing myself and expanding my experience has been really fulfilling.”

Victor is involved with many groups, such as Colgate Ballroom Dancers, Masque and Triangle, and Colgate Ballet Company. Her extensive dance experience makes her an invaluable asset to Dancefest. However, those without such experience have much to offer, as well. Their enthusiasm for learning something new, as demonstrated by Midgette, makes Dancefest a unique demonstration of how making beautiful art does not necessarily require a lifetime of practice.

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