Career Services Hosts Workshops for Eager Seniors

Colgate University Center for Career Services hosted a set of Senior Starter workshops on September 2 and September 3. Associate Director of Employer Relations Sharon Attaway and Assistant Director of Career Services David Loveless hosted the four meetings. The Senior Starters entailed a brief slideshow and presentation on the expectations, schedule and goals for the Class of 2015 as they enter their senior year at Colgate.

“I got a good sense of what seniors’ options are after we graduate, and I thought that was really helpful. The Senior Starter prompted me to update Linkedin and clearly

establish my professional network,” senior Matt Kurtz said.

At the Wednesday lunchtime workshop, Attaway stressed the importance of seniors starting the process of job searching, networking or applying to schools early in their fall semester.  

“It is extremely important that [seniors] stay

informed,” Attaway said.

Both Loveless and Attaway stressed the importance of checking the weekly “What’s Going On?” email sent by Career Services at noon on Sundays.

“It’s to help launch seniors and give them an idea of what to expect. It’s not to scare students necessarily, but to let them know it’s go time,” Loveless said. 

Around 200 seniors attended the event across the four meetings hosted in the O’Connor Campus Center Conference Room and Love Auditorium in Olin Hall. Although the feedback was positive surrounding the Senior Starters, senior Grace Hilling thought it catered to Colgate majorities.

“I was a little disappointed in the small amount of time she dedicated to grad school because I personally am interested in pursuing a masters in marine science, but she

definitely catered to the usual Colgate student interested in a career focused on finance or economics,” Hilling said. “I think ultimately it made me realize the earlier I begin looking into post-grad options and networking with Colgate alumni, even if it’s one brief conversation, the less stressed I will be once graduation comes around.”

The Center for Career Services offers numerous workshops, networking opportunities and advice on post-Colgate planning that were mentioned at the Senior Starter meetings.

“We use this as a way to kick start a little bit and say now is the time to act too. Don’t be thinking you’ve got time, especially if you are interested in certain types of industries,” Loveless said. “Don’t panic at this point, but at the same time don’t put it off anymore. Now is the time to start thinking about this stuff.”

“I would personally recommend using Career Services because they’re informative and help facilitate an understanding of options for seniors and elucidate what needs to be done moving forward to graduation,” Kurtz said.  “I really thought it was useful because, although I’m confident what I want to do, it helped me understand there are options outside of what I may be set on.” 

Upcoming opportunities for seniors include a Colgate Networking luncheon on the Friday of Homecoming Weekend, the Real World Series, numerous job opportunities on Colgate Premier, employer information sessions and skills focused workshops–résumé building, interviewing prep, iCan tutorials and more. Weekly updates and announcements can be found in the “What’s Going On?” emails sent every Sunday throughout the year, and the Center for Career Services advocates that they welcome

student questions.