Student Government Association Update

Natalie Pudalov

On Monday, April 14, the Student Government Association (SGA) announced that the 2014-2015 SGA President and Vice-President will be Sarah Rende and John Lee. There was a total of more than 1,300 votes during this election, which was the highest turnout in recent elections.

Last week, during the week of April 7, the SGA held the second annual Fireside Chat.

Students were encouraged to take a break from studying, enjoy treats catered by the Barge Canal Coffee Co. and discuss questions and concerns with SGA representatives. Also, Vice President of SGA senior Matt Haley and Chair of the Student Organizations Committee junior Sarah Rende collaborated with Senators to discuss the Inclusion Dinners for 2015. The group decided that they will move the event to the Fall and ask members of Greek life organizations, athletics and student groups to meet and converse with first-years. This year, the SGA won the “Best Collaborative Event” for the Inclusion Dinners at the Student Recognition Banquet.

This week, International Student Policy Coordinator Misha Vebrova is contacting faculty at Frank Dining Hall about putting up new flags in the dining hall to reflect the nationalities of all students who are coming to Colgate next year. Chair of the External Affairs Committee sophomore Anna Roberts and first-year Press Secretary Natalie Pudalov are working to extend the Library Caf?e hours and the Edge Caf?e for finals. Information Technology Services Coordinator junior Nick Harper will also talk to Chief Information Officer Kevin Lynch this week about running Grammarly, an advanced proofreading program, on the student portal. Harper and President of SGA senior Sam Flood decided to push working on the Before I Die Wall to next year’s presidency to ensure that the initiative can be pursued in the most organized and efficient way.

Next week, during the week of April 21, junior Student Life Policy Coordinator John Lee will continue working on organizing the SGA Community Service Day, which will likely take place on Sunday, April 27. Lee will also continue working on an initiative to have the Colgate Bookstore release the list of books for the Fall and Spring semesters at an earlier date.

All Colgate students are invited to the official SGA Presidential/Vice-Presidential

Inauguration at SGA’s semi-annual State of the Association, taking place Tuesday, April 29, at 7:00 p.m. in Love Auditorium. Come see Flood and current Class Council presidents talk about the work SGA has done this year and the president/vice-president-elects talk about their plans for the future. Hors d’oeuvres will be served following the event.

SGA Officers hold office hours in the Center for Leadership and Student Involvement from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Thursdays. Please stop by to voice your concerns, ask questions and provide feedback for SGA.

Contact Natalie Pudalov at [email protected].