In The Light: Sam Flood

Sam Flood, from Montclair, N.J., has never failed to take advantage of all the opportunities that Colgate has to offer. In addition to concentrating in Political Science and Geography, he is a highly devoted member of a wide variety of clubs and activities on campus.

Flood is currently the President of Student Government Association (SGA) and he also serves as the Student Coordinator of the Southern Madison County Ambulance Corps (SOMAC) where he is a Certified New York State Paramedic. In addition to these two high-profile positions, Flood also serves on the Student Conduct Board and has participated in both Ballroom Dance and Shock Dance Troupe during his four years at Colgate.

He is impressed with how far SGA has come in the last four years. The two initiatives in SGA that Flood is most proud of are the Raider Roar and the flags that now hang from the entrance of Frank Dining Hall.

“It is quite a sight to see a visual representation of our university’s diversity each time someone dines at Frank,” he said.

Despite Flood’s extensive involvement in extracurricular activities, his favorite thing about Colgate still lies in the academic realm. As an avid student, he especially enjoys attending classes and speaking with professors during their office hours, particularly about world politics.

When Flood first visited Colgate’s campus, he discovered that there was an infectious enthusiasm for the school and everything it had to offer. This enthusiasm on the part of his tour guide and the passersby was one of the main reasons why he chose to attend Colgate.

“I heard from countless alumni of their profound experience at the institution, and I wanted to have a similar narrative of my college years,” he said.

Flood also had the opportunity of studying abroad in Geneva with Colgate’s Geneva Study Group, where he became more proficient in French. He had the ability to travel throughout 19 countries over three different continents, which doubtless gave him the ability to learn about many cultures other than his own. While abroad in Geneva, he also had an engaging internship at the World Health Organization.

After he graduates Colgate, Flood will be working for six months as a treasure hunter on the “HMS Corporate Greed” off the coast of the Maldives. He explains that his job was inspired by Matthew McConaughey’s poignant performance in the 2005 film “Sahara,” which he has been interested in since the seventh grade.