Brothers Hosts Bachelor Auction For Charity Week

For those looking to attain that “do-gooder” feeling of giving to charity while at the same time seeking out a potential love interest, the Brothers Bachelor Auction was the place to be last Wednesday, April 9. One of Colgate’s non-Greek fraternal organizations succeeded in kicking off its annual Brother’s Bachelors Auction by selling quality time with quality men (all in the name of philanthropy, of course). The purpose of this fun and lighthearted event was to bring together people of different groups and organizations on campus to raise money nationally for the Magic Johnson Foundation, as well locally for Victims of Violence in Madison County.

Prior to the auction, Brothers worked tirelessly to secure the Hall of Presidents for the event, set up, find willing bachelors and publicize the event through posters and tables at the O’Connor Camps Center (COOP). Nevertheless, donations did not falter. The auction raised around $1,200 in proceeds this year, only falling a few hundred dollars short of last year’s net gain of $1,700.

The auction this year featured some of Colgate’s finest. The select pool of bachelors was drawn from Brothers, Greek life, athletes and other Colgate groups as a means of engaging the wide interests of the campus.  Bachelors braved the stage individually or went up in pairs to be auctioned off in front of their peers. As eligible men stood on stage performing songs or showing off their most admirable characteristics, the hands of Colgate students shot up one after another to place bids. Auction bids ranged from $15 as the lowest selling price to a resounding $320 for a single bachelor. The gentleman that brought in such a high bid was Brothers’ own former President senior Rodney Agnant. As for the remainder of the prized bachelors, most sold for a median of $50, and a few came in the upper $100 range. Bids came from students with an array of interests, whether it was from a student being a good friend and helping out the nervous bachelor on stage, someone looking for a weekend date or just a person genuinely interested in donating to the cause.

The lucky winners were guaranteed incentives from the bachelors including, but not limited to: a room cleaning, homemade brunch or dinner, a date at YoGate or the Colgate Inn, a pizza from Slices or just some genuine company with good conversation. After bidding, the winner proceeded to pay for his or her bachelor, and was given a carnation as a token of Brothers’ gratitude.

Ultimately, the auction was a success in terms of showing school spirit, raising money for two distinguished charitable organizations and further highlighting the work of a staple group on Colgate’s campus. The auction served as a reminder of the generosity and fun-loving attitude that reverberates throughout Colgate’s campus.