Theta Chi Hosts “Hilarity for Charity” Benefit

Charred Goosebeak and Theta Chi fraternity delighted the audience at their Hilarity for Charity fundraising event on Thursday, April 10 at Donovan’s Pub. These two organizations raised money for Hilarity for Charity, actor and comedian Seth Rogen’s foundation, that raises awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s and Alzheimer’s research.

The comedy show consisted primarily of improvisation exercises in which they played a variety of games. In the first game they played, called the interrogation game, members of Charred Goosebeak and Theta Chi would leave the room. While they were gone, the audience would come up with answers to questions such as: who did the person kill, where did they kill them and what did they kill them with? When the members who had left the room returned, they were interrogated by others who had stayed in the room, and by the end of the game they had to guess the answers to these questions.

The next game was called the ABC game. The audience had to pick a location – in this case, a mall in Syracuse – and the members on stage discussed their adventure at the mall in a back and forth fashion, where each successive speaker had to use the next letter in the alphabet. The game continued all the way through X and Z, and the last two words discussed were xylophone and Zumba.

Half-life was the name of the third game that was played during the event. During this game, the comedic cast had to perform a scene in a particular place (the audience chose the site of a pornographic film) for one full minute. They then had to perform the same scene three more times, but each scene had to be performed in half the amount of time as the previous one. In other words, the first scene was one minute long, the second was 30 seconds, the third was 15 and the final was eight. The actors participating talked faster and moved more quickly in each subsequent scene, creating a hilarious effect that the audience loved.

Charred Goosebeak and Theta Chi also performed what was called the relationship game during their comedy show. In this particular game, the audience had to pick a particular relationship for multiple sets of two different actors and they each had to act out whatever relationship was chosen for them. One of the relationships that the Donovan’s Pub audience especially enjoyed watching was that of Link and Linkster.

In the last game the groups played, per the request of the audience, the performers acted as if they were on a blimp. The scene made rapid use of improvisational skills. It started out on a blimp and quickly progressed. It was clear that the audience was highly entertained throughout this entire comedy show and it was a definite success.