Colgate Weekend Update: Night Market

Colgate’s annual Night Market was such a success that the food was gone within an hour and a half of its opening. Philanthropists at Colgate (PAC) hosted the event on Friday, April 4 from 10 to 12 p.m., and featured a variety of homemade and catered food from 12 different international cultures. Everything from jerk chicken cooked by the Caribbean Students Association to falafel and hummus made by the Israeli Culture Club was served to the hundreds of eager students ready to sample delicacies and learn more about their classmates’ heritages and interests. Over sushi, pork dumplings, saag paneer, butter mochi and cr??pes, students chatted about their own backgrounds and the way in which their various hometowns have influenced their palates. Karaoke commenced after the food ran out, which was a nice alternative to the disappointed students who showed up too late to sample.