Sexual Assault Resources

In light of this special edition focusing on health, we are providing you with the resources on and off campus to promote positive sexual experiences. However, there are plenty of options on campus available for reporting and coping with assault and sexual misconduct issues that may arise. Sexual assault happens on this campus. These resources are here to help inform us about how to have healthy, happy sex lives on campus.

This information is adapted from a handout provided by the Yes Means Yes Seminar for Spring Party Weekend.

First off, the Equity Grievance Panel (EGP) is a committee of trained Colgate faculty that can be contacted to mediate conflicts that arise between students and anyone in the campus community. If you feel that the Equal Opportunity, Nondiscrimination, Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of Harassment have been violated then you have reason to contact the panel. The EGP may be contacted through Campus Safety, Residential Life or a committee member. Concerns can also be presented to the panel by going online to the Campus Safety website directly through the Tips form. Incidents of misconduct and harassment can be addressed by completing this form. Students can anonymously complete a Tips form, which is then sent to Campus Safety.

Another alternative is the Bystander Intervention Initiative. The Shaw Wellness Center created this program in order to engage the student body in cultivating a culture for bystanders. Training sessions are available to teach students about what it means to be a bystander, specifically within our culture. The director of the Wellness Center, Thad Mantaro can be contacted at [email protected] to discuss this program.

For those seeking emotional support, there are many confidential counseling resources available 24/7. Campus Safety and Officer Val Brogan are specially trained to respond to sexual assault victims and offer support by phone. Upon calling Campus Safety, a student could also be connected with the Dean on call for

further assistance.

The Chaplains’ Office may also be contacted for emotional support. The chaplains can be reached at 315-228-7682. The Counseling Center located behind Drake Hall can be contacted by calling the Center at 315-228-7385. After hours, the counselor on call can be reached through Campus Safety (315-228-7911). Appointments can additionally be made at Conant House.

Health Services located on Broad Street next to the Hamilton Hospital or through the satellite clinic in Curtis Hall can be contacted at 315-228-7750. The Health Center is available as a resource during its operational hours. Community Memorial Hospital can also provide services at any time.

Furthermore, Victims of Violence is a 24-hour hotline providing free and confidential services to those affected by sexual assault, domestic violence or other violent crimes in Madison County. Victims of Violence can be reached at 315-366-5000.

As mentioned in our editor’s column this week, Colgate University is required by law to notify its students of sexual assaults that are reported on campus. These resources are provided for the safety and well-being of students. Sexual assault, while often unreported, occurs on this campus and there are plenty of resources to help students in times of need. Do not hesitate to reach out to any of these services. Help and support are available and encouraged aspects after sexual assault or threats occur. As students it is our responsibility to work towards creating a safe and sexually positive campus community for years to come.