In The Light: Sean Bjornsson

Senior Sean Bjornsson, from Woodstock, Vt., is a concentrator in computer science and art and art history with an emphasis in studio art. Along with his rigorous course schedule, Bjornsson has become involved in a variety of extracurricular activities during his time at Colgate.

Bjornsson is a Senior Trainer for the Colgate Outdoor Education Program (OE), house manager for Theta Chi Fraternity and has participated in Club Ultimate Frisbee.

When asked about his decision to apply to Colgate, Bjornsson said it wasn’t complicated.

“Honestly, the only reason I applied was because the online application was free at the time. But after I was accepted and visited, I knew I would love it here, and it was an easy choice when compared with the other schools I had applied to. The beautiful campus and great financial aid package sealed the deal.”

Bjornsson’s involvement on the Colgate campus was slightly unanticipated.

“I was very involved in high school and it was great, but I was overextended. I thought I would not get so involved in college, perhaps take it easy in comparison to my high school days,” Bjornsson said.

However, Bjornsson could not let his college opportunities pass him by.

“This might have been true my first year, but I steadily started doing more and more. What really made the difference was how much I loved doing the things I had gotten involved in,” Bjornsson said.  “As I got further into my majors, I couldn’t help spending more time delving deeper because I was learning things that truly interested me instead of

spending all my time in required classes.”

Bjornsson discussed his love for the outdoors and explained that he has found Outdoor Ed to be a unique experience.

“I have found Outdoor Ed to be an endless supply of skills to learn, chances to get outside and explore the Adirondacks and central New York, great friends and great memories,” Bjornsson said.

“A leadership position within the fraternity came naturally, and I wanted to be one of the many trying to affect positive change within the Greek systems,” Bjornsson said, about his experience in Theta Chi.

Reflecting on his time at Colgate, Bjornsson claims that OE had one of the strongest impacts on his Colgate life.

“My experience in OE has given me more than I could have asked for. Through OE I have gained numerous technical abilities, new hobbies and comfort in the backcountry, whether on water or on trail,” Bjornsson said. “It has also taught me far more important things, like how to lead, how to follow, how to teach and how to learn. I really wouldn’t be the person I am now without my time at Outdoor Ed.”