EcoCampus Names New Leadership

A group of five Colgate sophomores and juniors have taken over EcoCampus LLC, a company founded by Colgate students that sells eco-friendly paper. Sophomores Mike McCluskey and Austin Holland and juniors Luke Parauda, Andrew Prieto and JD Schiff make up the new EcoCampus team. 

“We serve Hamilton, NY and the surrounding areas, aiming to provide climate smart as well as financially compelling alternatives to the major leading paper produce suppliers,” Parauda said. “Our product is high quality paper that is effectively carbon neutral.”

EcoCampus sells Canefields copy paper that is created from sugarcane and eucalyptus fibers. These fibers are usually wasted, but EcoCampus instead creates paper from this waste.

“It is made from agro-waste rather than trees cut down for the point of making paper,” Parauda said. “Canefields paper is made in facilities that utilize wind energy, an elemental chlorine-free closed loop water system and waste-free production. The paper itself is 100 percent carbon neutral, helping create a sustainable living and learning environment.”

The new owners are looking to improve the company and widen their client base. Other goals include having competitive prices, efficient delivery times and providing for others paper needs.

“We have already made several changes to our website to make purchasing easier and make our mission more clear,” Parauda said. “We are also working on marketing ourselves in new ways to reach even more people.”

With its new leadership team, EcoCampus is mainly focusing on expanding its presence.

“We are working with the Sustainability Office here at Colgate in order to promote eco-friendly campus movements like our own company,” Parauda said. “EcoCampus can be found on Facebook, and we hope to build that social media presence.”

The EcoCampus team feels that their customer service, as well as the commitment of its leaders, sets it apart from other companies.

“EcoCampus is dedicated to our customers and excited to be reaching new members of our community,” Parauda said. “EcoCampus and its owners are completely dedicated to our clients and our product. We assure our accessibility and will always be accountable for our clients, deliveries and product.”

Although at this time there are not opportunities for other Colgate students to get involved, they hope that if the company grows other students can join in their efforts. For now, however, they are working to distinguish themselves.

“From our founders on down, we have remained committed to our mission statement,” Parauda said. “At the same time, we have continued to grow and flourish in a way that allows us to reach as many people as possible to expand the scope of our mission.”