Winter Farmer’s Market A Possibility

Colgate students received a survey on November 11 from the Student Government Association (SGA) about their interest in a possible winter market available on campus. This survey was the result of an effort by first-year Senator Talia Visaggi. She and the SGA Senate’s External Affairs Committee are working to bring the winter market to students in response to increased interest in the farmer’s market this fall.

“The Farmer’s market provides Colgate students with high-quality goods that are not generally available on campus, which is why we thought an initiative to make the farmers’ market available to students all year long was well worth our time and effort,” Visaggi said.

After reaching out to the Mayor of Hamilton, Visaggi was directed to Julie Dudrick and Bruce Selleck, two Upstate Institute representatives who were working on a similar project.  They have all been working hard through the SGA to make the winter market possible for Colgate students.

The winter market is currently just a hypothetical idea and is still in the works through the SGA.  The market would be similar to the farmer’s market that runs in Hamilton during the fall and late spring; it will be an easily accessible place for students to buy goods unregulated by the school. There has been no location identified for the market, but SGA is looking to place it in the field house, the Hall of Presidents (HOP) or the O’Connor Campus Center (COOP) if possible.

“Not only are we providing students with increased options for food and goods, but also an extra opportunity to engage with the Hamilton community,” Visaggi said.

SGA is basing its decision of whether and when to start this market at Colgate mainly based off of how much student interest there is, so all students interested are encouraged to fill out the survey that went out.

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