Annual Mr. Colgate Competition Graces the Hall of Presidents

On October 30, Colgate organizations of all kinds had the opportunity to send forth a representative to compete in the Panhellenic Association’s annual Mr. Colgate pageant. The evening featured three rounds of standard pageant fare: Introductions/Evening Wear, Halloween Costume and Talent, all pulled together by the dry wit of the emcees, juniors Emily Hawkins and Katie Philpott.

While the Hall of Presidents can at times feel like a dead and cavernous space, some of Colgate’s finest men were met with applause from a packed house. This semester’s competitors hailed from Beta Theta Pi, Blue Diamond Society, Link Staff, Men’s Lacrosse, Outdoor Education, Phi Delta Theta, Rugby, Sigma Chi and Theta Chi. Each took the stage under the watchful gaze of the judges, seniors Meagan Adams (President of Gamma Phi Beta), Katie Rydell (President of Kappa Kappa Gamma), Kayla Ponturo (President of Delta Delta Delta) and Amara Wilson (President of Panhellenic).

An eclectic mix of “evening wear” abounded, with the men rocking everything from rip-away pants and patriotic boxers to fuzzy bathrobes to an actual tuxedo. The contestants’ outfit choices were complemented by pre-written introductions. While Mr. Beta Theta Pi, sophomore Griffin Giordano, chose to be a “man of few words” with an acrostic that told us “G” is for “Graceful.” Mr. Theta Chi, sophomore Jordan Shenker, let us know he was channeling Channing Tatum with his “very late in the evening wear” (bowtie and tuxedo speedo, anyone?).

Round Two brought in even more laughter as the men donned their Halloween Costumes. Sophomore Ben Newman of Phi Delta Theta dressed as a nurse with an affinity for “breaking hearts” and first-year Jackson Patterson, Mr. Men’s Lacrosse, got patriotic in George Washington get-up. Junior Austin Collier, Mr. Link Staff, was asked if he was the Naked Cowboy.

“I can be,” he said. “I’m just about as prepared for Halloween as I am for this competition.”

While the outfits were impeccable, the real round to watch on Wednesday was Talent. Giordano broke out some classic rhythmic gymnastics, while Newman pulled a volunteer from the crowd for a finger-painting masterpiece. First-year Paolo Lobo of the rugby team won the laughter of the audience with some stand-up comedy and Mr. Sigma Chi, sophomore Bruce Robertson, came through with his promised performance of the Backstreet Boys classic “I Want It That Way” in Mandarin. Shenker wowed the crowd with actual musical talent as he played “America the Beautiful” on the tuba, while sophomore Drew Hinman made the audience swoon by playing guitar and singing John Mayer’s “Why Georgia.”

As the judges began to deliberate who the winners would be, the final round of questions took place. In true gentlemanly spirit, the men were asked for their idea of the “most perfect date.” Answers ranged from La Iguana (nice, but still pretty casual) to the McDonalds drive-thru. Mr. Outdoor Education had a topical answer involving scavenging and building a shelter, while Mr. Phi Delta Theta gave the audience a laugh with the classic “Miss Congeniality” quote: “April 25. Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.”

As the competition came to a close the winner was announced. This year’s Mr. Colgate was Mr. Outdoor Education, sophomore Niall Henderson. Second place went to Hinman and third place to Patterson.

The evening was a fun way for various Colgate organizations to work together and create a general sense of camaraderie. Money from the ticket sales will go towards Panhellenic financial awards for girls who want to participate in Greek Life, but wouldn’t be able to without aid.

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