The Best Nest: Caitlin Whittemore ’14

Caitlin Whittemore’s half of her Parker apartment bedroom is a cozy space that reinforced what I already knew about Whittemore, but also helped me to learn more about her. Whittemore’s decorations are indicative of her interests, what she does at Colgate and the wide range of cities and countries to which she has traveled. Pictures of Caitlin with her family and friends fill up four small corkboards hanging over her bed, which are next to a Wilco poster with dreamy illustrations and a white color palette. The white mini-lanterns strung up over her bed immediately struck me as I entered her dimly lit room, and I identified them as the object that string together, literally and figuratively, the ethereal feel of the room. It turns out that Whittemore bought them while traveling to Singapore, showing that her time abroad is not only reflected in obvious items like museum guides, such as the one from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam that hangs on her wall. Whittemore’s appreciation of her time here at Colgate is evident as well, from the postcards of campus to her WRCU and CJU (Colgate Jewish Union) stickers on her desk, strung together on twine with clothespins. Whittemore’s room has the feel of a calm haven from the stress of schoolwork, while still maintaining the lively feeling of her adventures abroad and her activities on campus.

1) How does your room reflect your personal style?

I am attracted to unique items that represent important parts of myself. There are also a lot of music motifs everywhere, as I am a musician and music plays a big part in my life. Everything has a meaning, so when I come home from a long day of classes I can reflect on all of the amazing adventures I’ve been privileged and honored to be a part of.

2) Tell me about one particularly important item in your room.

Above my desk I have a trio of a 500-year-old piece of pottery I excavated near Sde Boker and a clay rock from the Negev Desert in Israel, and a piece of sea glass from a beach on Martinique, as little symbolic pieces of places I went abroad.

3) Where/from whom did you get your inspiration?

Inspiration from my room comes primarily from people and places I have developed meaningful connections and experiences with. I have postcards, coasters and other objects from countries I have traveled to, primarily where I studied abroad, sprawled across my walls and desk. I also have a plethora of my favorite photos of family and friends everywhere. Third, I have a lot of items from concerts I’ve been to and things I’ve brought back from there.

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