Colgate Couture: What to Pack for Turkey Day



I have already started thinking about what I will be bringing home with me for Thanksgiving break. This kind of planning is probably quite alien to any of you from the tri-state area. I imagine you East Coasters just throw some arbitrary clothes in an excessively large bag without much thought. You might even bring a whole basket of dirty laundry home. But those of us who must fly home for the holidays don’t have that kind of luxury. Instead, I have to find a way to fit everything I need for a week into a fun-sized carry-on. Quite the challenge, don’t you think?

So here is my must-have Thanksgiving list for all you fellow flyers.

1. Two pairs of jeans: Don’t lie and say you need more than two pairs. Everyone has their favorite jeans that they wear too many times in one week. Usually this is shameful, but you can use this bad habit to save room in your bag.

2. Leggings: I’m guessing you are already wearing a pair on the plane, but bring another pair. Leggings are the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving wardrobe. They are small in your bag, perfectly comfortable for serious Black Friday shopping and stretchy to accommodate your ever-expanding stomach from your Turkey Day feast.

3. Two sweaters: sweaters are tricky to pack because they take up a lot of space in your bag. Wear one warm, comfy sweater on the plane to finish off your legging outfit. In your bag, pack something that can be dressed up so that you don’t look like a total slob while you stuff your mouth.

4. Statement necklace: There is no easier way to dress up any outfit, is there?

5. One fall coat: Since you are flying, I’m assuming you hail from an area that does not undergo as cold a November as we’re experiencing here. But you know the climate of your hometown better than I. Pack one versatile coat that works for your hometown’s weather.

6. As much summer clothing you can fit: Let’s be honest, you’re not going to be wearing any of that stuff for a while. Give yourself and your winter wardrobe some breathing room and leave all those florals and shorts back home.

7. An extra bag: If you are anything like me, you will be doing some shopping this Thanksgiving break. If the extra room you earned from dropping off all your summer clothes isn’t enough, I suggest you stuff a duffel into a side pocket of your carry-on.

8. Schoolwork: I’m sorry. But we all know what it’s like after Thanksgiving break: hell. The weeks following winter break will be a never-ending flow of papers and tests. Professors expect you to use at least some of this week to prep for all of that work. So while watching that marathon of “Law & Order” or “Say Yes to the Dress,” do some schoolwork. You’ll thank yourself later.

Hopefully, with the help of this list, you’ll be perfectly prepped for your Thanksgiving break shenanigans. And if not, there’s a million sales going on at your local mall. Just grab something there. 

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