The Swinging ‘Gates and the Colgate Thirteen Draw Family Weekend Crowds

Harmonized voices resonated throughout the Colgate Memorial Chapel on Saturday, October 26 at 7:30 p.m. as the Swinging ‘Gates, Colgate’s only all-female a cappellagroup, took to the stage. The Chapel was packed with families and friends who came out to support the Swinging ‘Gates and the Colgate Thirteen in their annual Family Weekend concert. Each group performed new and old songs, and the concert reflected the true talent and dedication of the singers.

The Swinging ‘Gates sounded as good as ever as the girls’ soft voices meshed together perfectly throughout the night. Some of the songs included “Landslide,” originally performed by Fleetwood Mac, “Killing Me Softly,” originally performed by Roberta Flack and “Next to Me” by Emeli Sand?e.

“The group has been working really hard preparing for this semester, including our new members. We had a great audience, and all of the seniors sang their solos beautifully. I couldn’t have wished for a better show,” sophomore Cara Catalane said.

The Colgate Thirteen also entertained the crowd with both upbeat songs and some slower paced melodies. They opened with a classic “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” and continued on with songs such as “Save Room,” by John Legend and an innovative mash up of “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay and an Indian song, “Jashn-a-Bahara.”

The two groups sang songs featuring their seniors as the soloists, but the groups included each of their new members in different ways. The Swinging ‘Gates invited their new members to join them on stage for the final song of the performance, a beautiful rendition of “Yesterday” by the Beatles. The song did not feature a soloist, portraying the unity of the group. The Colgate Thirteen, on the other hand, gave the audience a laugh by having their new members put on a skit for the crowd.

Whether this was your first or your tenth time seeing the Swinging ‘Gates and the Colgate Thirteen perform, the concert was as well done and as entertaining as always. The two groups have a knack for featuring talented soloists and arranging backup vocals that add depth to each song – Swinging ‘Gates and Colgate Thirteen concerts are not to be missed.

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