Brothers of Theta Chi Host a “Party for the Brave”

The colors red, white and blue overflowed the Theta Chi fraternity house on Wednesday, October 9 when the fraternity hosted a “Party for the Brave.” All were welcome to the event, and most everyone who came took the liberty of dressing up in the U.S. flag’s colors from head to toe. The occasion was sponsored not only by Theta Chi, but also the Semper Fi Society, the College Democrats, the College Republicans and the Open Society.

The “Party for the Brave” was the “coming together for the Wounded Warrior Project, which is a project essentially designed for men and women who have served our country and are wounded or have some sort of disability and need extra resources and support,” College Democrats President junior Natalie Sportelli said.

Indeed, the Wounded Warrior Project is designed to make sure that service men and women are not forgotten once they come back to America and have to assimilate back into society. The resources from the project and its fundraisers are to help ease the burdens that many veterans and their families are faced with on a daily basis.

In order to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project, the brothers of Theta Chi hit the runway and were auctioned off for date nights.

If the party itself did not lure you to Theta Chi, then I am sure the free Holy Smokes BBQ did. Yes, it is true that the famous Holy Smokes BBQ truck came to Theta Chi’s fraternity house and its delicious food was free for anyone at the event.

Speaking of food, the “Party for the Brave” also had a pie-eating contest. Many participated in the event, but there was only one man who took the gold. After a fierce battle, and an intense display of fast eating skills, junior Nick Yannopoulos ended up winning the event. Yannopoulos managed to finish his entire pie with an incredibly impressive time of only a minute and a half.

There was also a raffle of Wounded Warrior Project gear such as tank-tops, and any other donations to the cause were welcomed. The “Party for the Brave” was a great success, and good luck to those select few who will be going on donation-based dates in the near future!

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