Changes to Frank Dining Hall Promote Healthy Living

With a reorganized Frank Dining Hall, the administration wanted to start the year off with various events and activities to add to the excitement of a new year. Mindful, a new station added this year, provides low-fat meals that are 600 calories or less. The purpose of this initiative is to help promote healthy eating and provide students with healthy alternatives.

On September 12, Frank Dining Hall held a grand opening to commemorate the remodel and celebrate the start of a new year. Between 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., prizes that included various Colgate t-shirts, hats, Frisbees and sandals were distributed to students passing through. Additionally, music was playing throughout the afternoon in Frank.

One of the first events held this semester as part of the new initiative was the “Mindful Mile” on September 26. At this event students were encouraged to walk a mile to promote a healthy lifestyle. At the completion of the path, participants received prizes such as pedometers and t-shirts.  In addition, there were grand prizes such as bicycles, yoga mats and exercise balls.

These events are just the beginning of the celebration. The administration at Frank has many more events planned for the rest of the year. Students should expect to see pumpkin carving and cupcake decorating contests in the near future.

The reaction from the students has been very positive in response to the new station and exciting events. Students like to see that the dining hall is promoting healthy eating because healthy lifestyles are an important interest for many students on campus.

“I am excited to see that Frank Dining Hall is taking the initiative to make changes to the meals that they provide because I believe that healthy lifestyles are important,” first-year Laynie Dratch said.

Resident Dining Manager Dan Fravil is very happy with the response the administration is receiving from the students. After dedicating time and effort into making positive changes to Frank Dining Hall, he commented that it is great to see that the students appreciate the efforts that are being made to improve Frank.

Frank Dining Hall has taken these steps in the direction of promoting healthy lifestyles. The Dining Hall will continue to improve its environment and provide additional healthy options throughout this year and in future years as well.

 “It is not the old Frank Dining Hall,” Fravil said.

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