A Sneak Peek for Fall 2013 Television

Annie McKay

Now that we have reached the end of September, it’s time to take a look at this fall’s best new television shows. With the final season of “Breaking Bad” wrapping up last Sunday, there is no doubt that fans of the show will be searching for new shows to fill the void. It’s time to check out which premieres have been successful and which flopped.

The battle for the best new suspense thriller was between NBC’s “The Blacklist,” starring James Spader, and CBS’s “Hostages,” starring Toni Collette and Dylan McDermott. Premiering the shows in the 10 p.m. time slot on September 23, NBC won out, with “The Blacklist,” drawing in 12.6 million viewers as opposed to “The Hostages,” which drew 7.5 million. “The Blacklist” is a story about Raymond “Red” Reddington, a fugitive who turns himself into the FBI claiming that he and the FBI have the same goals. The pilot episode had not one but two dramatic twists, making “The Blacklist” a promising new suspense thriller.

Joining Showtime’s wildly popular “Homeland” is the new drama “Masters of Sex,” starring Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan. Best known for her role as Janis Ian in “Mean Girls,” Caplan is already receiving a great deal of buzz as this fall’s best breakout performance for her portrayal of Virginia Johnson. “Masters of Sex” is set in the 1950s, where Virginia Johnson and Sheen’s character, Dr. William Masters, explore both the good and the bad of sex at a time when the topic was swept under the rug and not discussed. If Sheen and Caplan are able to continue to their wonderful on-screen dynamic, “Masters of Sex” is sure to be a hit.

For those interested in finding a new comedy, there are a few options. As far as sitcoms go, NBC and CBS were once again in a battle, with NBC premiering Michael J. Fox’s  “The Michael J. Fox Show” and CBS premiering Robin Williams’ “The Crazy Ones.” This time, CBS and Robin Williams crushed “The Michael J. Fox Show,” with “The Crazy Ones” drawing in 15.6 million viewers as opposed to “The Michael J. Fox Show’s” 7.2 million. “The Crazy Ones” is about ad executive Simon Roberts (Williams) and his attempts to work in a firm with his daughter, Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar). The pilot got rave reviews and beat out ABC’s “Modern Family” by nearly four million viewers.

If you aren’t interested in starting a new show, some of the most popular shows on television have returned for a new season this fall. Showtime’s “Homeland” has returned for season three, hitting its stride more than ever. ABC’s “Modern Family” came back for season five, with topics ranging from gay marriage to transitions to high school. For reality television fans, “The Voice” came back to NBC with the return of former judges Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green.

While “Breaking Bad” fans may be heartbroken by the end of their beloved series, fall is the perfect time to find a new show.

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