Hamilton Center for the Arts Moves Gallery Location to 19 Lebanon Street



Hamilton Center for the Arts, currently located at 10 Broad Street, will be moving around the corner to the storefront space of 19 Lebanon Street, previously Crowe’s Drug Store.

Owner Kathy Herold is moving sites with the intention of bringing more visibility to and awareness of the Center, which was previously located in an upstairs space, adjacent to the associated Broad Street Gallery (20 Broad Street).

Hamilton Center for the Arts (HCA) provides many enriching services for the local Hamilton Community, with a mission to provide active engagement with the arts to children, teens and adults through classes, programs, performances and exhibits.

Examples of the various programs include “Music Together” for early childhood musical education, dance classes ranging from Irish Dance to Hip Hop and the “Multi-Arts Program,” which busses students directly from Hamilton Central School to HCA, allowing them to develop modes of creative thinking and to discover new means of self-expression.

Not only does the local Hamilton community participate in these programs, but students from Colgate University also bring their experiences and love for the arts to the Center. Colgate Seniors Charlotte Eisenberg and Sara Ebner serve as club leaders and ambassadors to Hamilton Center for the Arts.

“Hamilton Center for the Arts provides a great way for Colgate students to get involved with Hamilton Central students, and to feel a part of the larger Hamilton community,” Eisenberg said.

Despite the multiplicity of services HCA has to offer, its former second-story location may have hindered its greater potential. However, the new space will be discernible to any passer-by, inviting a greater consciousness about HCA.

“The new space is really exciting for us at Hamilton Center for the Arts,” Herold said.

The large, open-air layout will lend itself to both the need for exposure and the integration of the variety of activities. The back of the space will serve as a dance studio, the front as a kitchen and reading area and the middle as an area with tables for art classes.

“HCA is always looking for more student participation from Colgate, and we welcome any help,” said Herold.

If you are involved with the arts at Colgate, or want to get more involved with the community, contact Kathy Herold at 315-368-4453 or e-mail Charlotte Eisenberg at [email protected].

Contact Hannah Fuchs at [email protected].