Being Right: Just Say No.. to War

If you expected the “Conservative” article to say President Obama is at worst a tyrant out to destroy the United States and at best incompetent… Surprise! That’s not how I want to use this platform. If you want to hear how the liberals are hypocrites for supporting war with Syria but not Iraq, go watch the news. I’m going to tell you my position, the facts that led me to my conclusion and the goal of my article. No partisan hate speech here.

I do not think we should go to war with Syria. By “going to war with Syria,” I mean supporting the rebel army to help topple the Assad regime. No financial assistance, no weapons, no airstrikes and no to the use of the United States military to train rebel forces. I believe the United States should stay out of this war because neither side deserves our support.

The Assad Regime, led by Bashar-Al Assad, may or may not have used chemical weapons against Syrian civilians. We do not have all of the evidence yet. Also known as the Syrian Arab Army or SAA, the regime is supported by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. Hezbollah is a Lebanese based terrorist organization, founded by Shi’a Islamists and intent on destroying Israel. The Assad Regime is “secular” and is said to protect the rights of religious minorities, mainly Shi’a Muslims and Christians, in Syria. The bottom line: Bashar-Al Assad is a dictator and would like to remain in power as long as possible.

On the other hand, you have the rebel group, the Free Syrian Army or FSA. Sounds better so far, right? Not so much. These guys like to post a lot of videos online, especially on a site called “Live Leak.” I’ve seen videos of members admitting to using chemical weapons to kill women and children, loading and firing chemical weapons, blindfolding and executing victims at point blank range and slicing open a man’s chest and eating his heart. Russia filed a one hundred-page report to the UN saying rebel forces were actually behind the recent chemical attacks. The FSA is heavily supported by Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is the Sunni Islamist group founded by Osama Bin Laden and is responsible for the 2,996 American deaths twelve years ago. Before you decide that we should arm and train this side, I suggest that you go to Case-Geyer Library and read the book of obituaries from the 9/11 victims. I do not support the Assad Regime, but I certainly do not support the alternative. Therefore, I believe the United States should not intervene in Syria with anything other

than diplomacy.

As we think about the issue of going to war in Syria on the anniversary of September 11th, please take a moment to remember how blessed we are to live in the United States. I am currently living in the most diverse zip code in the country, Irving, TX, (26 percent Asian, 25 percent black, 23 percent Hispanic,and 23 percent white). As Americans, we take for granted how people of all different ethnicities, backgrounds and beliefs can live in harmony. In the United States, we can disagree with each other, but we can disagree civilly. We are free to agree and disagree with the president without dangerous consequences. Today the people of Syria and many other countries around the world do not have that freedom. Deep-seeded, centuries old hatred is responsible for the civil war in Syria.

Please remember to do your own research, so you can hold educated opinions. Once you form those opinions, stand up for them by all means but please love, respect and forgive the people with whom you disagree.

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