Car Vandalized in Drake Parking Lot

Early last Saturday morning at approximately 2:00 a.m., a group of men vandalized a car parked in the Drake Hall lot, smashing a rock into the car’s window and denting the rear door.

The incident was reported to Campus Safety and has resulted in an ongoing investigation. Consequently, information regarding who reported the incident and the owner of the vehicle cannot be disclosed.

Vice President and Dean of the College Suzy Nelson sent an e-mail the following Tuesday morning to students who live in residential dorms adjacent to the Drake parking lot.

Within the e-mail, Nelson urged any students who were involved in the vandalism or who had information regarding the incident to come forward to Campus Safety, assuring students that all reports would be kept confidential.

“One way to promote a caring campus community is to speak out when this type of behavior occurs and not to be a silent bystander,” Nelson wrote.

Nelson expressed hope that students with information would contact Campus Safety, a community leader (CL), faculty member or any member of the Dean of the College staff.

“I believe that our students, when given the opportunity, will do the right thing and want to look out for each other. Students are often the first to take a stand against destructive and hurtful behavior,” Nelson said. “Being socially responsible and making ethical decisions is what a liberal arts education is all about.”

In reference to intended disciplinary measures, Nelson said the outcome is not predetermined. 

“I can say that our conduct process is educational in nature, and we place a high value on honesty. In my view, a heartfelt apology and willingness to pay restitution for the damage will go a long way in righting this wrong,” Nelson said.

Nelson stressed that this type of behavior is not only unacceptable, but also not typical of

Colgate students.

“We have a wonderful, safe community, and smashing a rock into someone’s personal vehicle is completely inconsistent with who we are as members of the Colgate family,” Nelson said.

Within the e-mail, Nelson said, “This type of vandalism erodes our sense of trust and safety, and that affects each one of us.”

However, some students are not too disconcerted by the fact that a disorderly incident like this occurred on campus.

“I still feel safe because I know not to put myself in 3 a.m. situations like that,” sophomore and Drake resident Quincy Pierce said. “But I feel like when you have a group of not entirely mature young adults in a small setting, you’re responsible, and regrettable things are bound to happen.”

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