Colgate Couture: Creatures of Comfort

As models, designers, bloggers, socialites and photographers go to rest after a long week of shows and parties in New York City, London is just beginning its own hectic schedule. Located at various venues such as the Somerset House, the National Gallery and a venue Topshop has set up, show-goers will watch the famous Cara Delevingne and Georgia-May Jagger as well as other beauties on

the catwalk.

Shows during New York Fashion Week were varied, per usual, with some designers really creating pieces that stood out. Take Opening Ceremony for instance; this year was the first time the company put on a runway show. While the focus was not so much on the clothing or the couture, the show had everyone in awe, including Justin Bieber who surprised the crowd with his appearance.

Instead of using a normal catwalk as their format for the models to walk on, the owners of the company, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, were able to pull some strings to get their models driven into the large room (the fashion show took place in a former shipping yard) in Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Range Rovers. This was an idea that was previously unheard of but had the crowd’s attention for many reasons. Husbands accompanying their wives were surely not disappointed.

One could go on about the beauty and array of this season’s designs, but a distinguishable difference seems to be a comfort for everyone. Between Birkenstocks on Edun’s runway, Nike Blazers and Flyers on the streets and Charlotte Olympia loafers on show attendees, it is clear that some are realizing that stilettos and extreme wedges are no longer the way to go when they have places to be and people to see for eight days straight. Designers such as Alexander Wang and Reed Krakoff also put an emphasis on a sportier look for this upcoming season.

Wang, who always sticks to pastel colors and basic silhouettes, has done it again. Not only is he now seen as the king of branding, having embedded his name very discretely into the clothing, he showed boxing shorts with large overcoats, versatile spaghetti strapped dresses, tennis skirts and many flat shoes in his collection. While his clothing showcased a lot of choice for consumers, his signature “baggy” look is one of comfort as well as high style, all in one.

Reed Krakoff showed a different aspect of the idea of sportswear. His designs were a lot more feminine than Wang’s. He decided to show very transparent and flowy clothing: skirts, pants and dresses were baggy and often long or mid-knee length. Before the show, he explained his vision to Mark Holgate from Vogue as “a more overt idea of femininity; the idea of luxury sportswear is still relevant, but I wanted it to come from a different place, transparency and layering and asymmetry.”

Needless to say, both of these designers are artists. People from all over the globe continue to congregate at these shows in order to see what innovations designers have come up with. The idea of being comfortable is not a new one, but perhaps the concept of luxury sportswear is a better term for

these looks.

Regardless, they seem to be influencing style, as women especially seem to be getting fed up with keeping a pair of flats in their pocketbooks or wearing dresses that suffocate them. We must now hold tight and watch what London has to show!

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