Biblical Swans Vanish in Great Flood

Biblical Swans Vanish in Great Flood

Colgate’s favorite swans have not returned to Taylor Lake this fall. Usually, Colgate students are greeted by the pair on their walk up and down Willow Path, but Adam and Eve (or Steve, as some have speculated) are not currently a part of this picturesque scene.

The two birds normally disappear over the winter months and return during the spring, which has generated a rumor that the birds are transported down south to warmer climates during this time.

“Contrary to popular belief, the iconic birds have not been moved to warmer climates in past winters, but rather simply moved to a nearby farm,” said “Open ‘Gate,” an online newspaper about Colgate. “In fact, swans thrive in most temperature zones.”

Associate Director of Facilities and Manager of Lands and Grounds Mike Jasper confirmed this. Jasper has been working at Colgate since 1995 and has been Associate Director since 2002. When asked about the swans’ disappearance, Jasper said that the swans went missing sometime in the spring when the flooding began. It happens every year, and the Facilities Department (Buildings and Grounds) goes out and searches for the swans shortly after the flooding recedes. Unfortunately, the flooding this spring was particularly bad.

“This year we had to wait because of safety reasons to go out and get them, and once we actually did go out to look, they were gone,” said Jasper.

According to Colgate’s website, “Adam and Eve are the eighth generation of swans to grace Taylor Lake.” Their presence on Colgate’s campus has been symbolic of the university’s natural beauty for a long time, with pictures of the two swans found on items at the bookstore like postcards and

greeting cards.

Their popularity has extended beyond the campus, into the realm of social media. An anonymous twitter account, @Adam_and_Steve, was set up with the slogan, “Reppin’ Colgate

since 1819.”

Although this particular pair of swans will not be returning, a new pair of swans will grace Taylor Lake in the near future. Jasper said, “We are in the process of getting another pair of swans, since we seem to get asked that question a lot.”

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